A tutu reshoot with Angel’s Face

If you’ve seen my Instagram feed then you will know that I recently shot another tutu photo shoot with Georgie to recreate our last one. Way back in the summer of 2016 when Georgie was a diddy dot, we donned some tutus I proudly made myself and thought we’d make some lovely memories together by twinning.

It was one of those moments that I had always wanted to do when I had a little girl and it was one that I knew I had to make sure became a reality. The photos are probably my most treasured to date and I had always had it in mind to do another one (or three or four) as she grew and developed a love for wearing a tutu.

What makes it a little more special this time though, is the fact we were are wearing some absolutely beautiful matching tutus from Angel’s Face.

We went for the grungey look at first and wore our wellies and then changed into something a little more dressy.

I love that we have been able to recreate another shoot in a different location. We struggled so much last time, trying to find somewhere that would be a good back drop and wouldn’t have lots of spectators. I don’t mind having my photo taken so much these days with an audience, but when you’re wearing a tutu, you’re just asking for gawkers!

Living out in the country with lots of fields for miles and with only a few people passing by, made for the perfect location!

I opted for beautiful blush pink ones that arrived in the most lovely hat boxes.  They’re vintage inspired that are simply meant to be displayed but it also means that they always have a safe place to be stored.

As it was a little muddy when we were out and at times I had to pick up Georgie, it meant that my tutu became a little muddy from her wellies. Luckily they are machine washable on a cool wash at 30 degrees, so I popped them both in the wash when we got home and then once they were dry, I placed them back in their boxes.

Georgie hasn’t started doing ballet yet (and maybe she might not want to) but I like the fact that she already has a tutu should she want to wear it. It’s simply one of those keepsake items that you cherish.

It was starting to turn a little chilly here, but by this point we had already had quite a few photos taken. A lot of people commented on Instagram (when I shared one shot) that we were brave for doing it in January, but actually it was one of those rare days that it wasn’t so cold. It was quite balmy in fact! I know for a fact, as I sit here typing this now, that we wouldn’t have been able to bear it as of now.

We had been eagerly waiting for the sun to peer through the clouds, which it did when we were on our way home, but actually I quite like the moody skies as our backdrop.

I’d love to do another shoot with her perhaps when it’s a little warmer and we can find another location, maybe amongst a field of flowers…

Nb. We were kindly sent these tutus by Angel’s Face for the purpose of this shoot. All views and opinions remain entirely our own.