Little Tikes Ruby Red Classic Cozy Coupe (Limited Edition)

(nb. not my child, but looks very similar!)
We were at a friends house sat in their garden one sunny Saturday, enjoying an unusually warm day when Beastie came tumbling into the garden and set his eyes on the big, shiny car sitting on the patio. I think this was his first crush, almost love at first sight. For the rest of the afternoon we were able to relax and not worry about Beastie as he was happily cruising around beeping anyone that crossed his path. So from that day on a Little Tikes Coupe was on his must have present list.
So that day we left our friends garden with one thing in mind, we either had to upgrade to a house or further sacrifice our living space in favour of a mini Silverstone…
I have to admit I was very naive when I ordered this product, I had assumed a great big box would result in a pre assembled Coupe, this was not the case. I called for my husband who immediately got to work removing the items from the box. It took him about 40 minutes to assemble, you need to have a bit of patience with this and it can be done on your own. If like me you have a partner who enjoys putting things together, use this to your advantage as I did notice him getting a little frustrated!
The Coupe is advertised as being from 18 months, but in all honesty it can be used before. It comes with a floorboard for toddlers to put their feet on, which is easily removed, and a parent handle for steering. It has an ignition switch and an open and close petrol cap, but little attention is paid to these as he is rarely outside the car! The Coupe we bought was a limited edition in ruby red with sparkling bling, inside the flat the sparkly effect is of course wasted but outside, this really does glisten in the sun. The tyres are made from rugged plastic and the two front tyres can spin 360 degrees, with the back two locked in place, only able to move backwards and forwards. It has a little storage compartment in the back where little toys and a beaker are generally placed. It comes with a fully functioning horn (pathetic beep, but hey this is for kids) and stickers for the mirrors, dashboard and number plate. However, these stickers have long since been ripped off!
If you have an eager child like I do, then the place where your little ones will want to eat and drink, may well be inside the Coupe, so fast food on the go. 
The Little Tikes Coupe has proved to be the most popular purchase so far and even better we got it half price at the time, nevertheless it is worth what you pay full price. I don’t have a single negative comment about this product, whether you own a house or a flat, this is one present that shouldn’t be left off your wish list.