I love a little bit of back detail with clothing.

Sometimes they’re not always practical though, such as the time I had a lovely jumper with a twisted knot on the back that was not designed for leaning on at all! Still, if the design is practical then it can really make an outfit stand out.


I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the biggest fan of body-con dresses and even more so when they’re White Dresses. However, I have to say that this white dress has surprised me, despite it being a choice I would normally avoid, it’s actually very nice to wear. The fabric is stretchy but not too transparent, which is always a worry with white clothes. It’s unique with its cut out detail to the sides where the straps loop over your arms to reveal a completely bare back.


I know it’s still too early but I feel that this pink dress is certainly a contender for a festive dress. There will always be a place for Black Dresses at Christmas time, but I did think that hot pink looks amazing for a party dress. I’ve paired it with some strappy stilettos, all it needs is a glitzy jacket and bag to complete that Christmas party look.

https://femmeluxe.co.uk/ https://femmeluxe.co.uk/

There is always a co ord that needs to be featured and this sage coloured  co ord is the same as the green set I had a few months ago. It’s super comfy to wear and versatile to be able to mix and match with other items. Once it gets colder then it’s easy to throw on an oversized jumper, hoody or cardigan for some warmth. Or if it stays a little warmer like it has been, then the crop top works with Denim Shorts, like the top in my last post.

https://femmeluxe.co.uk/ https://femmeluxe.co.uk/Collaborative post with Femme Luxe who sent the items of clothing in return for my views and opinions.