Glorious sunshine

Today I feel good, full of optimism! I love days like today when the skies are blue without a cloud in sight and the sunshine makes the air seem hazy. I am not green fingered in the slightest but when the weather perks up it always makes me think about sitting outdoors with beautiful surroundings, so to you and me that means a few pots filled with vibrant coloured flowers that are preferably fragrant!

The problem that faces me is the fact I have no garden and during the winter months this does not bother me but as soon as the weather perks up, my heart sinks at the prospect of no garden.  Of course now I have a son I feel guilty of this aspect and try to do as many outdoor activities as possible during the summertime. I find myself obsessing over visions of sitting at a table in a back garden, sipping wine on a summers evening, sun on my face. From time to time I do find my envy of other peoples gardens getting out of hand.

Now on the up side, I do have a lovely home and I do have outdoor space in the shape of a balcony. It is also a reasonably large balcony, with a table and chairs (so I do have one item off the list above). However one aspect we rather stupidly didn’t consider when we bought the flat (off plan) was the fact it is north facing! now that mistake wouldn’t have been made when looking for a house that had already been built but in our haste to find and secure a flat, this was too good to let go! So as well as having garden envy I also go green looking at the opposing balconies basked in sunshine throughout most of the day/evening. These people also don’t know what they’re missing as they rarely sit outside! Now if this was me I would have a nice lounging chair and glass of wine in my hand, even if it’s a bit nippy, you can put a coat on!

So every year (it has been 3 years now) I pledge to make the balcony a pleasant haven. Having killed off all the plants bought lovingly by my Mum 2 years ago (pre baby), I plan to start afresh again and actually find my green fingers. After all I have a little helper now to assist with the watering and pruning! I just wish it didn’t feel like I was on a stage when out there and that my voice didn’t echo for miles. As for hearing private conversations on these balconies? that’s another matter altogether…