It’s all about the puddles…

Rain is something that we always seem to have plenty of in this country, miserable as it may be, it’s always a given at some point continuously throughout the year. For children however, rain means one thing. Puddles!

Baby Beastie has never been very keen on keeping dry in the rain. He struggles to keep his hood up and point blank refuses to have the rain cover over his buggy to the point that he will kick and pull it until it falls off. He doesn’t know how lucky he is. The school run is always tricky in the rain and as luck would have it, the heavens normally open around drop off and pick up time.

This Muddy Puddles Originals All-in-One is my answer to keeping dry on ‘those’ days. Admittedly it took some convincing to get him to try it on and sized for age 2-3 we have ample room here for growth. Beastie could probably squeeze himself in, with half mast legs. A rain suit would pose no problem just like the Spider-Man costume aged 3 he has long grown out of (although stretchy in his favour).

The All-in-One comes with some handy features to keep the rain out and the suit firmly in place. It’s fairly lightweight too and breathable, perfect for those days that aren’t cold but just very wet.

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We had the ideal opportunity to test the suit on one of the rainy days and I know it will be invaluable once autumn starts, as I know it will get lots of use. Ideal for the school run, out for a walk or even just releasing some energy in the garden. With one of these, nothing can be ruled out.

Nb. We were provided with the All-In-One for the purpose of this review, but all views and opinions remain entirely our own.