Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil | Review

I must admit that sometimes my beauty regimes can lapse a little. I’m a good girl in the fact that I always take off my makeup at the end of the day, cleanse and cream, but it’s often hurried. Although I do take some time in selecting day and night creams, I often go for what might be on offer at the time.

A few weeks back, I received some Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil from Lumity to try out and I was particularly keen to use it as it’s an oil. It couldn’t have been better timing for me with the time of year, as my skin dries out so quickly when the temperatures drop and it’s then that my haphazard routines come under the spotlight.

The facial oil contains a blend of 32 botanical oils and extracts and is 100% natural.  It helps to keep your skin hydrated to promote supple, smoother skin that will show less signs of ageing, as well as promoting collagen synthesis to strengthen the skin’s structure.

Among its ingredients is green coffee seed oil which contains a powerful antioxidant known to boost elastin and collagen production in the skin. Another nutrient includes centella asiatica extract, which helps to boost blood flow, giving the skin an instant pick me up. You can see the list of oils on Lumity’s website, where it states the benefits of each ingredient.

The first point I will make is that it smells amazing! That is the first thing that I noticed and it’s a big thing for me when I use a beauty product. If the scent isn’t nice, then I simply won’t use it, no matter how good it might be.

It contains spicy vetiver and may chang which gives it a delightful citrus fragrance. This smells just like lemongrass to me, which is one of my favourite essential oils that I find incredibly calming and relaxing. I’d happily have my whole house and myself smelling of it if I could.

All you need is half a dropper of the oil, to use morning and night and you massage it in like you would do with cream. It glides over your skin really easily and it’s fairly light, meaning that it doesn’t take long to absorb – which makes makeup application in the morning doable and that you won’t transfer it to your pillow at night.

I’ve been using the oil as part of my evening routine, as I feel that I can give it ample time to soak in and I know that I’m not putting anything else on top of it. Also because it smells so divine, it helps relax me before bed – which is always a bonus.

After using this oil for a few weeks, I would definitely say that my skin feels more moisturised and that it has more radiance to it than normal. My dark circles seem less obvious and I look healthier, which is no mean feat during the winter months. My skin literally drinks up this oil and I know that overnight my skin is being thoroughly nourished.

Nb. I was sent a bottle of Lumity Anti-Ageing Facial Oil for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions remain entirely my own.