Driving around in style

Living in a completely male household, I’m quickly realising that it’s all very much about the gadgets. Aged five and two, they know what they like and this usually guarantees much squabbling. Anything on wheels and they’re flying around like loons. I’m sure my husband would join in if he could.

The boys love all of the things that you would typically expect of boys. They love cars, most little boys do but Baby Beastie’s appreciation of cars goes beyond that. He’s fiercely protective of his cars and sharing is generally not an option in his eyes. Beastie is expected to relinquish any ownership of cars that were on the scene before his baby brother was even born. This is a boy that will lie down absolutely anywhere to push cars along in convoy and if you get in the way of this, then the best of luck to you!

I think in the future, I’m going to have a car fanatic on my hands with a love of expensive cars. When he saw this BMW toy, he was ecstatic and couldn’t jump on it quick enough. I have to say as far as toy cars are concerned, this is pretty snazzy and extremely well built. He hurtles around on it and it steers incredibly well. It hasn’t even ventured into the garden yet as I fear it will be mistreated out there. It’s built to last and totally looks the part.

Here he is giving his nice shiny new wheels a spin. I’m loving the red seating in contrast to the black glossy finish. Who wouldn’t like a real car with a luxurious red leather interior? I can just see myself in a convertible. Maybe one day.