Lunching with LEGO

I can hardly believe it when I say Beastie is in Year 1. Where did the Foundation year go to? True to form he bounced in on his first day this year, like he did last year. This time he was more excited to catch up with his school pals that he had missed over the summer holidays, as well as his insistence on wearing shorts!

What lunch box you choose of course, is all the rage. Last year we had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and this year…LEGO. I remember my lunch boxes as a child and how great it was to get a new box and drink bottle but they weren’t as cool back then though nor did they have the choice available now.

The LEGO movie was a huge hit and after sereral trips to Legoland this summer The LEGO Movie seemed the perfect choice for this avid fan.  The set comprises of a plastic lunch box and drinking bottle. The lunch box is a handy size for sandwiches and the drinking bottle a little different than the ones you normally find, this one has a screw top – so not for little ones! (hence ages 5+).

Overall we think this set is pretty cool and has got the thumbs up from his school friends, as well as his newly acquired glasses.


Nb. We were sent this lunch set to review but all views and opinions are entirely our own.