Blog Glassboard: Get yourself organised

Now I have been trying to get ‘organised’ with my blog since 2011…

I’m a massive list maker and am also notorious for making lists here and there in notebooks, on scraps of paper and on my phone. The worst part about doing that is that although I’m jotting things down, I’ll often forget about where the lists are and what’s most important on the lists (especially the scraps of paper – which are never a good idea to be honest).

With blogging comes deadlines and if you don’t run a tight ship, then your workload can run away with you and become overwhelming.

We’ve all been there where you have quiet times and you want nothing more than to have topics to write about and more brands to collaborate with. Then just like that, they all come along like buses and you suddenly have a lot on your plate!

I’ve actually always struggled with getting and staying organised when it comes to my blog. I’ll get a brainwave and think that buying a fancy new planner (that looks oh so pretty) will be the answer I have been searching for.

I very often have ‘big plans’ and when enthusiasm strikes me, I will think that a new method is most definitely going to be the way forward.

Not surprisingly, I’ve built up an extensive collection of notebooks and planners, some that haven’t even so much as seen a pen, but none have been the easy fix that I was hoping for.

I’ve always liked the idea of noticeboards and pinning things to them. I find that if I put things straight up on them, then I’m not likely to forget about them and the fact that they’re pinned up to see, means that I will eventually do something about it.

I’m also a list maker and this is where the notebooks do come in handy (even if they’re all half full) but they’re all too easy to stash away in a drawer and forgotten about. I need something that stands out.

Of all the types of noticeboards out there, (I’ve got a peg and a mesh one) my new shine glass noticeboard is certainly the most useful for everyday ‘to do’ things. I wish that I had got one sooner! It’s literally just perfect for me.

I also think it’s a satisfaction thing too, rather than checking them off on paper, you get to wipe them off. You can see that you are starting to tackle your jobs and you can clearly see what is outstanding.

The board is also magnetic which means that you can pop up bits of paper etc if you want to. I am yet to find some strong magnets that I want to use, but I’ll definitely be getting some.

I’ve always been the type of person that likes moving things around in rooms. I get easily bored of set ups and will usually try and find lay outs that work better.

So it’s no surprise that it’s the same when I need to create a workspace that is conducive for actually working in. It has to feel right and be in the right position, in the right room, with the right light etc etc.

I’ve only recently set up this spot in the corner of our kitchen and I’m really happy with it. Luckily the kitchen is nice and big so that it can accommodate a desk and my paraphenalia and so far I’ve found that being in the hub of the home has it’s advantages. I can keep my eye on the kids in the garden as I’m next to the patio doors and I can still do things at my desk, while keeping my eye on the dinner cooking!

I orginally had my new Monstera plant in the lounge but I feel that it suits being by the desk much better and considering that I’m starting to spend a little more time at my desk, it makes sense to have some lovely greenery next to me to brighten it up.

Notebooks will of course always have their place but my new glassboard has certainly revolutionised the way that I now work. Sometimes it just takes a while (years) to find a method that works for you.

Nb. I received this glass noticeboard from for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions remain entirely my own.