What hygge means at Christmas

Now I don’t claim to be an expert on hygge but I certainly have an invested interest in it. I mean I have a little book on what it’s all about and I even know the correct pronunciation, even if I do forget from time to time.

To those of you that still perhaps don’t know, it’s pronounced ‘hue-gah’ and it’s all about the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures. It means being in surroundings that make you feel happy and being around people that you enjoy spending time with.

Christmas time epitomises what it’s all about for me and besides all of the obvious home comforts, it also means that I get to spend time with my nearest and dearest for a longer period.

I’m trying to adopt hygge more and more into my life and because it’s a way of living rather than being able to buy things. It’s a feeling of contentment and in our modern world, it’s not something that comes so easily. We all seem to have so many balls to juggle, that we don’t look after ourselves and our well being.

The days are much darker but in my book that’s a good opportunity to just batten down the hatches and get all warm and cosy at home.

The fairy lights are out in force and the candles laid out on the hearth. Neom do a fantastic range of home fragrances that are amazing any time of the year and the packaging is simply beautiful.

This will be our first Christmas having a house with a log burner and I’m already excited about having a roaring fire on Christmas Eve!

Our tree is finally up and all of the decor is up around the house. All that I’m waiting for now is some lights to be delivered for the tree outside the house. Then we’re comepletely ready for Christmas, apart from maybe the turkey…

Are you like me and feeling all ready to hibernate over the Christmas period?

Nb. Collaborative post.