My top 5 pieces of Christmas sparkle

You’ve guessed it, this post is about all things sparkly for Christmas. I mean it’s just got to be done hasn’t it?

If there is one time in the year that you can get away with wearing full on sequins, it will be December time when it’s fully acceptable and expected.

So here is my top 5 things that will add a touch of bling to your Christmas. Although maybe not to be worn all at once…

1. You’ve guessed it, a sequin dress or top. I’ve mentioned it before about the lack of parties but nothing is stopping me from wearing this baby on Christmas Day – totally acceptable.


2. A new diamond or gemstone ring. It doesn’t even need to be a really fancy one, just something that makes my hands look pretty when wearing it.

3. Crystal statement earrings. I’m not a massive earring wearer and when I do, I tend to stick to crystal studs that are easy to wear and on the whole child-proof. It occurred to me the other day that I think that I might be able to get away with wearing more extravagent earrings now that my youngest is two, hoorah.

4. Glittery makeup. I always like a little bit of a sparkle or shimmer to my eyeshadow but now the time to up the glitter stakes.

5. Sparkly accessories. Finally something that will always be out and this is a phone cover case. Adding all the bling!

Do you embrace the glitter and sparkle at Christmas time like me?

Nb. Collaborative post.