Christmas crowd pleaser: Posh toiletries

I’ve pretty much got Christmas wrapped up for the children (bar the actual wrapping) and I feel somewhat relieved about that. Their main presents are sorted and I just have to think about rushing around like a loon for all of their fiddly stocking fillers…but that’s just the small details and won’t require too much thought.

It’s the presents for the grown ups that always creep up and catch me out. Kids are fairly easy but a well thought about present for an adult, isn’t always so easy and I do admit to putting them on the back burner.

When it comes to choosing presents, I obviously go with my taste but I’m always careful to make sure that it’s not too much to my taste or otherwise I won’t end up giving it to them, oops.

So it’s easier to keep it nice and simple but with a little bit of luxury.

I always appreciate anything that perhaps costs a little more than I would normally splash out on myself. Something like a really nice candle or an indulgent bath soak. Not only will it look nice in my bathroom but it is always nice to be able to whip out the ‘special occasion’ potions when you get some rare time to pamper yourself. It just feels nicer doesn’t it?

The same goes for some luxuries for men too. If they’re used to just using what’s there and nicking your stuff, then they might just appreciate having something that is only for them to use. It needn’t only be for women.

If you have an amount that you want to spend but only want to buy a single item, then it’s an easy way to spend the money. Go all out and get them something that they can’t turn their nose up at.

Nb. Collaborative post.