When it’s cold outside…stay indoors!

Ever since I was a child I remember the comforting feeling of being all snug indoors when it’s raining outside. I still love getting tucked up in bed now when the rain is pelting down on the roof and windows. It’s even better during the winter when you can get all cosy wrapped up in your duvet.

Winter time is perfect for hibernating inside. Who wants to go out when it’s cold and wet? An evening out during the winter months is much less enticing than one during the summer time. As we don’t have a garden I am more contented in our home at this time of the year as it means I won’t want to be sat outdoors and can’t moan about the lack of a much wanted garden. In fact it makes me relieved that I don’t have a muddy garden to deal with. This is when I feel all smug and cosy in our warm flat, insulated from flats surrounding us. The underground car park is also a major advantage when the weather is foul and means we don’t get soaked getting out of the car when we get home and we don’t have an iced windscreen. It’s this time of the year that I appreciate what we have and don’t dwell on the fact that we are falling over each other, having outgrown our space.

So when in hibernating mode and the distinct lack of a roaring fire, I have to make other arrangements to make our place ‘cosy’. My husband always takes the mick out of me when I say that I don’t want the ‘big’ lights on in our home. I hate them. I only put them on when I really have to. I love lamps everywhere and the soft lighting that they provide. I can’t bear to sit in the lounge with the overhead lights blaring down on us, it’s a pet peeve of mine when I visit other peoples houses. We’ve got a floor lamp that stands by the computer and provides crucial light to that part of the room but it gets knocked about a fair bit so I am forever changing the lightbulb in it. When I don’t have one to replace it, half of the room is quite dark but still I refuse to have the big light on!

I love fairy lights and would have them all over the place if my husband didn’t object. My beloved twigs no longer light up after years of use, (they have served me well) so I shall be looking forward to breaking out the Christmas tree lights for the ultimate ambience…