How To Find Your Style When You’re Petite

It’s so exciting to be able to finally work out what your personal style really is, and it’s a process that can take a long time – many years, in fact – which is why you should enjoy that journey just as much as you should enjoy finally getting results. 

However, for those who are more petite than others, finding the perfect balance between fashion trends and the right proportions can be tricky. The good news is it can be done, so you don’t have to worry, you just have to know how to go about finding your style when you’re petite. With that in mind, keep reading to find out more about how to find your style when you’re petite so you can enjoy fashion as much as possible. 

Know Your Body Proportions

The first thing you’ll need to know is your own body proportions because until you do, it’s going to be all but impossible to know what clothes are going to work for you. In most cases, petite means you’re under 5 feet 4 inches, but it’s not just about height – you also need to think about your torso length, leg length, and your overall proportions and it’s all of these things together that will help you come up with the best style that looks great and feels good to wear. 

It can be a good idea to go to a store and get measured by a professional – you don’t have to buy anything, especially if you’d rather get your items online, which can be ideal if you’re smaller – you can easily get size 1 UK shoes online but that might not be possible in a physical store, for example – but at least you’ll have the correct measurements so that when you do buy something, you know you’re getting the right size. 

Consider Tailoring

Although we’ve just talked about getting measured and knowing your body proportions, there are sure to be some occasions when that’s not going to be so helpful. What happens if you see something you love that’s just what you want in terms of the colour, style, and so on, but it won’t fit, and they don’t do your size? Do you have to walk away? 

Not necessarily. One of the secrets to looking fabulous when you’re petite is tailoring, and if you can find someone who can change the clothes you buy and make them fit you just right, that person will be worth their weight in gold. Of course, they won’t be able to perform miracles, and some items won’t ever look great even with good tailoring, but if there’s not too much to do and you love the clothes, it’s worth trying. If you prefer, you could learn how to take sleeves and legs up or cinch in a waist and so on, and save yourself money. It could even become a fun hobby, so why not try it and see what you can do? 

Choose Vertical Lines

When you’re petite, vertical lines are really your best friend because they actually make you look longer than you really are! On top of that, they can also make you look slimmer (which isn’t always a priority, but if it’s something that will give you more confidence, it’s worth remembering when you choose your new clothes).

What do we mean when we talk about vertical lines? Well, we mean choosing things like clothes that have vertical stripes on them, or seams you can see, or other kinds of vertical details. You might choose blazers with vertical lapels, trousers with a pinstripe pattern, or dresses with vertical lines or perhaps pleats if you prefer. Whatever you like, if you can add clothes that have these vertical lines in them, you’ll instantly look fashionable, and they’ll suit your smaller frame. 

Choose The Right Silhouette 

When it comes to silhouettes, not all styles work well for petite people, so it’s definitely something you need to consider before you start spending money on clothes. You’ll need to avoid any kind of style that overwhelms the frame, so try not to go for bulky clothes or anything oversized (even if that is the fashion). 

Instead of these styles, it’s better to go for something more tailored (or, as we’ve said above, tailor it yourself), and that have some structure to them so you can accentuate your frame rather than hide it and engulf it with material. Some great examples of things you can wear include A-line skirts, fitted jackets, and slim-cut trousers – these are really flattering options for petite people and you’ll love how they make you look. Plus, don’t forget we said that working out your individual style is meant to be fun, so play around with different ideas and see what works best. 

Try Monochrome 

Monochrome outfits might sound boring, especially if you’re used to a lot of colour, but they can actually be a wise choice for a petite person looking for ways to enjoy fashion more. If you dress in one colour from head to toe, you’ll get a great silhouette, which we’ve already seen is a good idea – you’ll seem taller that way. 

As for which colour to go for, that’s going to be your choice, and it’s going to depend on a lot on your skin tone and hair colour, as that’s what the clothing choices are going to be up against. Classic black is generally a good idea, but you can try other colours and perhaps experiment with different shades of the same colour, which can look very modern and sophisticated as long as you’re careful not to clash. You can also add some subtle touches of texture or accessories so that the outfit doesn’t look too one-dimensional, and again, finding those pieces is a fun thing to do. 

Think About Hemlines

It’s so easy to forget about your hemlines when you’ve found a fantastic outfit, but they’re all important and can make a big difference to how a piece of clothing looks – good or bad. When it comes to skirts and dresses, go for hemlines that are just above or below the knee because they’ll make your legs look longer, and avoid midi or maxi lengths as they can be overwhelming. 

As for trousers, ankle-length or cropped styles are fantastic, as they’ll also give the illusion of longer legs, and if you can’t get the real thing, that’s not a bad alternative!

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