Getting your wardrobe ready for summer

With the weather improving and the temperature rising, it can only mean one thing – summer is right around the corner. That means putting away your winter clothes and starting to organise your summer closet.

To help you freshen up your summer wardrobe, we’ve included a selection of our best tips that are sure to help guide you through the transition.

Create space in your wardrobe

Unless you have a walk-in wardrobe or one of huge proportions, you’ll probably need to take out your winter clothes and store them somewhere safe for when the cold creeps back in. Some items will obviously be fine staying put, such as t-shirts and lightweight shirts. It doesn’t make sense for things like jumpers and heavy coats to still be taking up space though.

Any pieces that you don’t particularly like or wear much anymore, both summer and winter clothing, can be donated. Should your wardrobe now look quite empty, it’s time to bulk it up a little bit.

Building a capsule wardrobe

While holidays and weddings may require more planning and attention, your summer wardrobe should be as effortless as the season itself. For clothing that is both stylish and versatile, consider building a capsule wardrobe for the summer.

There’s no need to go all out, all you need is a few simple pieces, such as a midi or maxi dress, a button-up shirt, white denim jeans, and some staple swimsuits. You should also acquire summer-appropriate accessories, including sandals, a straw sun hat, oversized sunglasses and a beach bag.

Tie your outfits together with delicate jewellery like a striking diamond ring, delicate hoop earrings, beaded anklets, and chain bracelets.

Organising your clothing

You can’t just shove all your clothing into your wardrobe and drawers and expect to put an outfit together easily. Firstly, it’s hard to take note of what you actually own, not to mention things can become creased or damaged.

Aim to place smaller items, such as vests and tops, towards the left-hand side of your wardrobe, eventually placing the bulkiest items at the far right, including lightweight coats and shirts. Alternatively, you may decide to organise your clothing by colours, which is beneficial when trying to colour-coordinate your outfits.

When placing clothing in drawers, try to fold everything neatly so that you don’t need to iron them again. Thicker items are better placed in drawers as they will have minimal creases upon taking them out. By folding and standing each piece vertically, you are able to see everything you own much more easily.

Look for inspiration

So, you’ve neatly organised all your summer clothes, ready to wear, but you might be wondering how to combine them into stylish outfits. One of the best ways to do so is to take inspiration from your fashion heroes.

Whether these individuals are fashion icons, influencers, or friends, use elements that you like to piece together your outfits. You may also choose to attend fashion weeks or trade shows to get inspired – you may even learn something new about colour matching, patterns, and textures that you can replicate.

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