House Extension Inspiration to Create More Space

As a homeowner, you often wonder how you can maximise the space in and around your house. Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your property, or you need to accommodate your expanding family, there are a number of reasons why you might consider an extension for your home. From creating loft space to delving into a whole new kitchen extension, there are so many creative and functional ways in which you can transform your home with a brand new space. If you are looking for inspiration and wondering how to get started on your new project, some of the following extension ideas might give you a solid plan to start from.

Kitchen Extension

Your kitchen is one of the most utilised rooms in your home. Whether you’re settling down for a delicious dinner or cooking up a storm for your guests, there is so much activity in and around this social space. A total kitchen overhaul or extension is a big commitment, but it can often be worth the effort and expense for the end result. Extending your kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Specialists such as Ian Abrams Architects can assist you if you’re looking for a contemporary design for your new kitchen. Opting for more classic designs for your equipment and appliances is a great way to keep your kitchen on trend so it doesn’t feel outdated too quickly once your renovations are done.

Build a New Bathroom

Building a new bathroom in your home is another way to add significant value to your property. Generally, an entirely new bathroom can add up to 5% onto your home so it’s definitely an investment that is worthwhile. When creating a new bathroom extension, you should opt for as much natural window space as possible, as this creates a beautiful effect. When sunlight is able to stream in through the windows, the bathroom instantly looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Add a Conservatory

If you’re looking to add a new dimension to your home and improve the natural light on your ground floor, then a conservatory is a very good option. Positioning your conservatory next to your kitchen or living space will allow plenty of natural light to enter your home which is always a huge bonus. When it comes to adding a conservatory to your home, you may want to consider insulated roofing and materials. This will make sure that your new extension regulates its temperature effectively and doesn’t become too hot in the summer and cool in the winter.

Consider a Loft Conversion

If your home doesn’t have the land to extend to the back or to the side, a loft conversion is the simplest and most effective option. Extending your home upwards allows you to maximise on the space you may already have in your current loft space. A loft conversion is perfect for an additional bedroom or even a cosy living space. Similarly, if you are looking for a separate area in your home to work from, a loft conversion would be the ideal space. A loft conversion also adds significant value to your home, usually around 15-20% of its current value. What’s even more advantageous is that you don’t need planning permission if you aren’t going to make any huge changes to the aesthetics of your roof.

To Conclude

With all of these extension ideas in mind, you will soon have a lot of different ideas to work with. All of this is completely dependent on the space you are working with and whether you have the relevant planning permissions to carry out extension work. Consult a professional architect and ask for their opinion on specialist projects; they have the experience and expertise to guide you towards the right decisions. As well as sticking to your plan, you should always keep your budget in mind at all times. Extensions and big changes to your home can be expensive, so you will need to account for all of the relevant costs related to the building work, consultations, labour and finishing touches. Similarly, this is also an extremely exciting time for you and your family; getting an extension is a huge milestone for every homeowner, so try to enjoy the chaos if you can. Remember that all of the hard work and sacrifice will be worth it in the end when you have a brand new, beautiful space in your home.

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