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Boarding out new build loft space

New build loft space

As a family we have never ever utilised loft space that we’ve had. Everywhere we have ever lived has had a loft but it’s not something that we could be bothered with sorting out when it came to storage. Mainly because these places were rented and we wanted our belongings to be where we could see them, so that we wouldn’t lose track of what we had when we moved on.

Expanding into your loft space is certainly something that is worth doing, if you are running out of space in your house and you don’t want to move. Plenty of people utilise what they already have and get companies such as Live in Lofts to give them that much needed extra room which can make all the difference. Our loft space isn’t suitable to be a room that is used to live in, but plenty of houses have the capacity for this.

When it came to our new build loft space, we knew it would have a loft but we were soon informed by the developer that the loft was not an area that could be used and that it could affect our warranty if we stored any items up there.  We simply assumed that it was out of bounds (apart from for those times you need to sort the kids out! ha ha) and didn’t think much more about it.

new build loft space 2

Since we moved in to our new home, we have been slowly working our way through each room doing it up to our taste, like where we have done panelling, but doing something with the loft was probably a bit too much of a stretch.

While looking on Facebook one day, probably after having a conversation with Alex about loft spaces, my phone did its thing and started showing me adverts for ‘loft specialists’! You know how it goes, you say something out loud and all of a sudden you get bombarded with spammy ads.

However this time it was very welcome, and up popped an advert for The Loftman Company, according to their website ‘one of the longest established companies in this industry and regarded as the leading loft specialist in the U.K.’.

They currently cover areas throughout the Northwest including Central England, the Home Counties, South West, East Anglia and the City of London but according to their website they are happy to travel further upon arrangement.

But the thing that struck us about the Loftman Company was that according to their website they state:

“If you’re worried about voiding your new build warranty (NHBC) when adding loft boarding, there’s no need to be concerned. The Loftman Company are proud installers of two raised and approved flooring systems that protect your warranty.”

This almost sounded too good to be true, that we could actually have our new build loft space boarded and for the first time ever, be able to utilise a loft space.

Alex did his typical thing and started to paint this picture in his head, his expectations of what it would be like!

new build loft space 3

So we got in contact with them and arranged a survey. After visiting the space they priced it all up and it came to £1,800 which included boarding out half of our loft space, adding some shelving, adding a new light and a telescopic ladder.

new build loft space 4

You could get it done for less if you removed some of the shelving and went for a different ladder, but that was what we wanted.

new build loft space 5

Once we had arranged a date they turned up at 9am (we requested 9am due to the school run), very prompt right from the start. A team of 2 men, worked solidly all day right up until 5pm, and got the whole job completed in 1 day.

new build loft space 6

We had never looked into this service before so we had no idea what to expect, but we were extremely happy with the end result and also the speed with which they had everything finished!

new build loft space 7

If you live in a new build or are thinking about buying new build and you were curious as to what can and can’t be done, then I would strongly recommend giving the Loftman Company if they service your area, to give you a solution to your new build loft space.

We couldn’t be happier with our newly created space, perfect for all those empty suitcases, Christmas decorations and anything you want out of sight, much to the annoyance of Alex. Just don’t overload it!

*Nb. This is in no way a collaborative post, I am just sharing to help out anyone who might be in in the same boat as us with their new build loft space.