Grab that coffee and let Bidvine do the work

Hands up who struggles to find the time to get stuff done, let alone source people to help you out when you need it? We all have to use people’s services from time to time but it can be a real hassle to find the right person for certains jobs.

When we relocated to Norfolk we hired our own van and my husband mostly loaded all of our belongings onto the van by himself. He then drove it hundreds of miles back to where he had hired it from, just because we hadn’t managed to find somebody independent to give us a hand. We knew that it was a lot of work but we needed to fix something up quickly and not pay a fortune for a removal firm.

However, a couple of weeks later, through recommendations his parents found a local ‘man with a van’ who was able to bring up the remainder of our belongings in a van for a reasonable fee.

This is where it would have been useful for us to have had Bidvine as a resource for finding somebody to help us move. It provides a service where users can request help from local providers, be it finding a van, a decorator, plumber or even a personal trainer. If somebody provides a service then you will be able to request that people place bids so that you can choose who is the best fit for you.

What’s great is that you have the option to compare quotes, ratings and prices before you commit to anything. Anyone that has promoted their service and received business through Bidvine will have reviews from previous customers. In the age where everything is about reviews and testimonials, this is peace of mind to know.

You simply need to fill out what it is you are looking for to match people to your requirements, then wait for the bids to come in. Then it’s just up to you to decide who fits the bill! You can search on your desktop and when out and about, you can download their app to make that life even easier.

The website is super easy to navigate around, which is a major plus point for me. I’m all too easily put off by sites if I can’t work out how to find out information quickly and easily.

So I would definitely recommend having a look on Bidvine when you are looking for something in particular. Sometimes word of word and places like Facebook etc, don’t always yield the right sort of results. There might a provider out there that is perfect for you but without being able to place an advert, how wil they find you?

So instead of aimlessly calling and emailing places, you can grab a coffee and think about the next thing on the list while you’re waiting…

Nb. Collaborative post.