Twitter Sniping

Every now and then something will crop up and make me think a little bit more than usual, you know something that you relate to or really narks you. Usually it’s the latter with me. I was particularly riled at the time when I wrote this post about child protection, feeling fat in a certain clothes shop and then when the blagger debate rose it’s head I felt I had to put my two pennies worth in. Now this makes me sound self righteous and that I that I know all the answers, of which I don’t of course. I am for the most part quite a relaxed person who would rather be pleasant to people even if they are not so pleasant back. Partly this is because it makes life easier for the most part and because confrontation can be uneasy and draining. This is not to say I don’t do confrontation, push me too far and I will confront people and if I feel really passionate about something then I will usually walk away shaking, never a good thing but sometimes there is a need for it. I have a line and boundaries as I think we all do.

So back to the title of this post, twitter sniping. This is a subject that I stumbled across earlier whilst browsing through my timeline, having been absent from twitter the afternoon before, I thought I would have a nose to see what was going on and stumbled across some ‘sniping’. Maybe I have been lucky so far to have not been embroiled in a disagreement on twitter or perhaps it is down to the fact I a) don’t tweet a lot or b) am careful about what I say. I think it is a combination of the two with some luck thrown in. Since I have been on twitter I have noticed that every now and then a spat will develop between individuals or more often than not ‘cliquey’ groups and I sit there reading in disbelief at what some people find acceptable to tweet to others.

You could be forgiven for thinking that school children are indeed behind the jibes and usually there will be once person under attack and their vulnerability apparent for all to see. It all depends of course on the type of people involved and to be part of a conversation on twitter you need to have a backbone to start with if you are going to tweet certain subjects. Unfortunately I see a lot of people that don’t seem to take criticism too well and I wonder how on earth they get through the day without being a bag of nerves. We’re all human and we all have opinions, I understand that, what I find fascinating is that some people find it acceptable to attack people because they assume their belief is the right one and this then encourages all and sundry to jump on the bandwagon of abuse. The worst is when they then bicker about the person who has raised their heckles in separate tweets or more commonly referred to as bitching. It might be no better but if somebody feels the need to do that then they should be gracious enough to message the other person privately.

I would imagine it’s difficult to not get offended by somebody openly challenging you and I know that if you choose to be part of twitter then you leave yourself open for your followers on non followers to contact you. We have all heard about the twitter wars that go on between celebrities and as great as it is unfortunately it is the downside to publishing snippets of your every move, which are subject to review from others. Some people in my opinion write far too much and shouldn’t be surprised with getting varying responses, or is that what some are looking for? Maybe people see me as sitting on the fence and not wanting to aggravate anyone, it’s not that, I just think it’s terribly mean to victimise someone and bring them down. Especially when people have the cover of being behind the internet and probably have never met the person nor are they likely to.

The fact that you can only write a certain amount of characters in a tweet can leave them open for interpretation the same as text messages, people will always assume and may get the wrong end of the stick making a conversation change direction and get out of hand. I think it’s important to consider that when you are tweeting others and to think of the repercussions. For me it boils down to what you are willing to say to others in life generally, I do not treat twitter any differently. I will often read and move on, I have my viewpoint, so do they. Sometimes less is more.

I am interested to know what everyone else’s take on this is and have you experienced bullying type behaviour on twitter, be it yourself or your friends?