Heaven sent hair for mother and daughter

Since having my little girl, I still often pinch myself when we can get things that are the same. I wrote a post when she was smaller about bringing up a daughter and how I felt about it. Now she is nearly two years old and her ‘girly’ traits are really starting to show and this is the part of mothering a daughter that I was most looking forward to. Cheesily, it’s everything I hoped for and more.

I also indulged myself in making matching tutu’s a while back and we had a little photoshoot where I made one of my Pinterest boards become a reality. The photos we took will be treasured forever more.

She takes an interest in everything that I do and use and it was only yesterday that I discovered she had made an almighty mess on the floor with my eyeshadows and foundation. She sneaks off like a super sleuth and the sound of silence is the only clue that something is going on. She does however, always impress me with her accuracy with her application of some of my makeup!

We received a couple of hairbrushes recently to try and the timing came in handy as Georgie needed something a little bit bigger than the small baby brush she had.

I know that a hairbrush is an everyday essential and they have one main use, which is to brush your hair. However, after many years of brushing and combing my hair, I know that the type you use is actually pretty important.

This is where the Tangle Angel comes in. It’s a professional detangling brush that you can use on both wet and dry hair and it also makes a great blow drying brush that is suitable for all hair types. They’re also very pretty brushes too and perfect for any girly girl.

It boasts qualities such as being heat resistant, anti static, water resistant and antibacterial.

What I have loved about trying this hairbrush out, has been the fact that I can get one for my daughter to use as well and I know that already she’s keen to have the same things as me. We received the classic ones in fuschia pink and baby pink and they look pretty special on a dressing table compared to an ordinary brush. Sometimes it’s the little things…

Georgie has only recently let me start putting her hair up into a ponytail and bunches. Her hair has been quite wild lately and she’s been sporting some impressive ringlets down her back. When did she suddenly get so big?!

Nb. A collaborative post.