The Gallery: Landscapes

I haven’t joined in with The Gallery for such a long time and I can’t even remember my last post. However it is never forgotten about rest assured and I often take a peek at people’s entries from time to time. Landscape photo’s are the type of photo’s that capture your attention or they don’t. We have all happily snapped away on holiday, especially in the era of 35mm films, only to be disappointed when we get them developed. I have sat there many a time flipping through picture after picture of nothing really special but at the time we needed to capture the moment. Often the finished result doesn’t truly reflect what you saw before you that day. That’s where digital photography is so amazing, you can scrap the ones that aren’t so good and simply snap away again. That’s not forgetting the effects you can now add to your photo’s to enhance them even more, in order to truly bring out their best.




This landscape photo was taken in Spain on the terrace of my parent’s villa. This place is our haven for my little family. I have spent many a time sat there looking out across the valley, feeling at peace and simply ‘thinking’. The open space and mountains surrounding give you a feeling of freedom and it feels a million miles from our lives here at home, with busy roads and houses cluttering the landscape. A breath of fresh air.

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