ECTA OUTREACH – The Answers of Smart Meters

With the huge surge in people undertaking a smart meter apprenticeships to combat the increasing demand for green energy installation experts, there are still many questions from people about why such an implementation is required, especially among the older demographic.

For those looking for answers, we provide a brief analysis of the facts. What it comes down to is data, and how it helps to shape our lifestyle and how we provide for the world. We all provide it when we order online, to what we read to how we use apps to make our lives easier. We provide the information on how we want our lives to be made more easier and comfortable.

This is especially a factor when it comes to our usage of energy and gas within the home. We either pay too much or use too much when not necessary. Usually we provide a manual reading of our meters to give to a supplier which would calculate a bill, with the dispute over the consumption or figures generated by either party.


Smart meters have been implemented to fully automate this exchange as a way to combat the amount of energy that is wasted as well as the cost savings from overpayment on estimates.

By being able to accurately measure energy and gas consumption over periods of time the likelihood of overpayment is eliminated which gives the consumer a control over their money as well as their usage.


Human beings are fascinating creatures in that we love to learn new things but are terrified of change.

There are many people who find a reluctance in switching to smart meter technology within the home which can be attributed to earlier problems with the meter design but also in the way that data can be abused by supposed threat. Personal information being protected is a critical concern which has resulted in governments having implemented strict rulings around individuals data in order to protect privacy for consumers.

GDPR applies to every individual in the UK to ensure that people’s fear of data misuse is not a reality. The installation of Smart meters throughout the UK has been given full attention to the collection and use of customer information.

Why Would We Need Them?

With the UK goal of hitting net zero by 2050, we have the urgency to cut carbon emissions on a dramatic scale.

This is calculated into how much energy we use, the time we use it and what we pull it from and these are the main areas that need the change. As a country, we are focusing on reducing the reliance on gas and oil to generate electrical output and focusing on a greener outlook by implementing solar, wind and tidal farming.

By upgrading our technological delivery of such requirements, smart meters become the beating heart of ensuring the change is successful. By using the data feeds, energy providers can accurately predict electrical outputs to serve as required and with every home set to have smart meter technology, it will greatly cut down waste and costs throughout the home and the network, resulting in a cost effective and greener economy.

With this in mind, people have seen the benefit in helping the economy and taking a green energy apprenticeships to help the planet and the people within it.

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