Little Dish Tiny Tasters Mission #1

A little while back Beastie was picked by the lovely people at Little Dish to be a member of their Tiny Taster team. Being somewhat of a foodie this role couldn’t be more suited to him and we had been eagerly awaiting our first mission…

Now Beastie has not long completed his first assignment as a ‘Tiny Taster’ for Little Dish. We received 9 new and improved recipes to try out over the course of two weeks and we also had a little tea party with some of his friends to try out one particular dish.

The 9 meals we received were:

Cottage Pie

Chicken & Butternut Squash Pie

Beef Lasagne

Mild Chicken Korma

Chicken Risotto

Pasta Bolognese

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Fish Pie

Pasta with Peas, Cheese & Broccoli Trees

Many of the meals Beastie had already tried at some point since they have been available in the supermarket, so it was great to compare what he thought of them now and also how his taste buds had changed since his earlier days. He has always had firm favourites in the Mild Chicken Korma and Cottage Pie dishes and he wolfed these ones down this time – no surprises there. As an adult taster (having a sneaky bite of course) I noticed that they had a little more flavour to them and smelt rather tasty when being heated up.

There were a couple of meals that weren’t enjoyed as much. When Beastie was much smaller he used to love fish but these days it’s much more of a struggle convincing him to try it. I love fish pie myself I thought it smelt delicious when cooked and pretty tasty when I tried a bit with just the right amount of seasoning so as not to make it bland. I think Fish Pie is just one of those meals that you either love or hate. The other meal that received a cooler reception was the Pasta with Cheese, Peas and Broccoli Trees. Separately he likes all of these ingredients but together he wasn’t so keen but then he does tend to turn his nose up at dishes that are primarily creamy.

His new favourite is now the Chicken Risotto which was described as ‘delicious Mummy’ and it smelt pretty delectable too, so much so that my Health Visitor asked what the lovely smell was as she walked into our home.

We received some extra meals so that Beastie could enjoy having a tasting session with some of his little friends. For this task we received the Spaghetti Meatballs. As we only had four little mouths to feed for these meals, Beastie had already tried the Spaghetti Meatballs beforehand so I knew that he would tuck straight in. Once cooked it does really smell quite delicious and my friend even commented that they should do an adult version for her. We had a little girl join the party but she is not pictured as her Mum wasn’t around to ask permission to photograph her but she’s there behind the scenes! They were all a little distracted with each other when eating but this dish got a thumbs up from all but one.

We are already looking forward to our next mission and reporting back with our yummy findings…