Create Your Dream Bedroom Sanctuary With These Simple Tips

Our bedrooms are the perfect place to escape to. After a long day and no time to relax, we all need a place where we can switch off. This has become even more important for those of us who have just entered Lockdown 2.0. Stress and uncertainty have become unwanted houseguests as we try to navigate the new normal.

Thankfully, there are loads of easy ways for us to create our perfect little place of peace at home. Here there are just a few of them, ranging from big jobs to minor adjustments. There’s a little something for everyone to take away to their own homes. 

Get Organised

This always seems too straight forward to actually be helpful. But when your minds all over the place, having a home for everything makes life so much easier. The place where being organised has the most impact has to be your wardrobe. Getting bespoke fitted wardrobes are a perfect way to achieve organisational bliss! Being organised can be a little tricker in smaller bedrooms, though, so it’s all about smart space-saving.

Lighting the Way

Make sure you think about lighting your room as you strive for bedroom bliss. Ceiling lights are great, but direct overhead lighting can feel too strong when you’re trying to wind down. Lots of low-level options are a great idea. But it’s not just about the fixtures, what bulbs you pick make all the difference. Go for something like an Edison bulb that’s much softer, orange light. 

Pure Comfort

It has to be one of the most fun aspects of designing a bedroom—soft furnishings. There’s so much to choose from, but we’re going for luxury. Think soft duvet sets that you can sink into. Oversized, fluffy throws that feel like a massive hug. Don’t forget that this room is all about you, though. Make it feel that way by throwing your personality into everything you pick!

Outside In

Plants are a great way to bring personality into a room, and they have massive health benefits too. Researchers have found that people who have them in their home are much happier than those who don’t. They can even help boost your immune system. Invest in a few green beauties to make the bedroom your happy space. If you’re not sure to start, try a plant subscription service that does all the hard work for you. 

Remember the Windows

This might sound like a funny one but having too much light at the wrong times really messes up your sleep rhythm. Get some blackout curtains to make sure you’re getting uninterrupted sleep. Or at least trying to, life isn’t always that straight-forward! It’s a sanctuary, so we’re looking for luxury; velvet is a great fabric to make it feel really plush.

Keep Calm

Colour has a massive effect on our mood. Steer clear of bright and bold colours that keep you up all night. Stick to neutrals or colours of nature to create a calm retreat. Opting for a good quality paint is a good idea too, to make the job much easier. A cheaper way alternative is to get some mood-setting candles. Turn down the light, spark up your candles and enjoy your haven of tranquillity. 

These are just some ways to spruce up your bedroom and make it a calm space to survive lockdown. If it’s anything like the first time around though, you might find yourself wanting to freshen up the rest of your house! But don’t worry about trying to get everything done, make the most of the safe space you’ve created and relax. 

Nb. Collaborative post.