Ideas For Freshening Up Your House During Lockdown

We’re living in a time where we’ve never been at home so much as we have. The first few weeks of lockdown were very much a transitioning period for our household, it was very much about sorting out some routines that vaguely resembled schooling!

Now that it’s been a good few weeks and we’ve all settled into our new normal for now. It’s even got to the point where we’re looking for things to do around the house.  It would seem that here has never been a better time to pull your finger out and actually get those jobs done that you often put off, or simply never manage to find the time to start. As we’re renting, it’s a good opportunity for us to give the house a freshen up before we leave in a few months and gives us something to keep us occupied too, although I am sad that we aren’t able to use this time to do up our new home.

It has got me thinking about ideas for freshening up your home and here are some ideas of what you can do to freshen up your living space (which you might be sick of looking at right now).

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Incorporate flowers and plants

Having bunches of flowers around the house can be really uplifting at the best of times, so now is a good time to incorporate them if you don’t already. Just a simple bunch of tulips or daffodils can be enough to lift your mood. If you don’t fancy having flowers because they don’t last, then make sure you have some greenery around you.  You can have them dotted around everywhere and there are plants that are fairly easy to care for – if you’re not very good at keeping plants alive! Peace lilies, orchids and cacti are all good ones to start with and will really make a difference to your window sill.

If you’re not convinced, then opt for fake plants instead. There are loads of varieties available now and some are very realistic looking and don’t require any care whatsoever.


As we’ve been looking at painting supplies for our rental, we’ve noticed that things have been flying off the shelves in the DIY world. We have some now, but at one point, paint rollers seemed as impossible to get hold of as toilet roll and flour! I guess everyone has the same idea and painting is usually the first port of call when it comes to decorating. Now might be the time to paint your rooms to freshen them up or it could be the perfect opportunity to go all out and transform your house.

If it’s not the walls that you’re interested in, then it might be some furniture that needs a new look or perhaps you’ve been meaning to change the look of your kitchen. Plenty of people are using the time now to give their kitchens a new look without the expense of buying new cupboards, worktops or flooring.

You can achieve really great results when painting cupboard doors yourself and it enables you to give your kitchen more longevity. By changing the door handles, taps and using vinyl on the work surfaces, you can really change the look and feel of the space, for a fraction of the price of getting new units.

Add colour

Think about adding pops of colour around the house and giving it a new look. Whether it’s a feature wall, brightly coloured chairs or soft furnishings, you can bring a new lease of life to your house by changing the colour scheme and livening it up for summer.

De-clutter your bedroom and treat yourself to a new bedding set. If not, then buy some cushions to brighten it up and bring colours into the room. Be inspired by all things rainbow at the moment!

Spruce up the garden

If you have an outside space, then you’ll know that it’s a valuable extension of your living space and so important for your mental health while we’re not able to move about freely as we once did.

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Now is the ideal time to give your garden some much needed love. It doesn’t need to involve too much and is entirely dependent on what you’re willing to put in. You can make a huge difference by weeding throughout and planting some new shrubs and flowers, along with pressure washing grubby paving stones and giving your fence a lick of paint. You could even put down an outdoor rug to really give the feel of an extra room, with the bonus of having fresh air.

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