Bump Diary: 26 weeks

I have decided to space out my posts a little now, mainly as I have been a bit busy and also because I find all the weeks merging together and nothing much has changed. I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I would like on my blog and I keep bleating on about neglecting it and I expect I will continue until I reach a happy medium.

So I am now 26 weeks and where has the last two weeks gone since viable day? I suppose being the time of year that it is has helped the time fly by and now Christmas is a week away, eek, there has been lots occupying me and for the next week or so. Pregnancy wise I have been feeling fairly well in myself but the dreaded acid reflux is kicking in with a vengeance now and it’s becoming quite uncomfortable. Never before have I had to glug Gaviscon at such a rate and I really do hate it. I have the aniseed flavour as I can stomach it better than the mint but I still have to screw my face up every time I swallow some. The Gaviscon chewable tablets also get stuck in my teeth, bleurgh! I overdid fruit Rennies in my first pregnancy so I only have them as a standby when I am out and about. I know it won’t last forever and that as soon as bubba is here it will vanish but it makes sleeping a little difficult.

Yesterday I also cleaned the flat from top to bottom, changed the bedding and cooked and did I pay for it in the evening. I have had a gentle reminder that my hips do not like so much exertion and I was hoping that they wouldn’t be giving me jip quite so early in the pregnancy but they are. I don’t like slowing down and have never been one to sit and put my feet up when jobs need doing around the home as I just can’t settle. However, getting out of bed like an old lady last night might make me reassess what needs doing and what ‘really’ needs doing.

My tummy is starting to get itchy too and I must start a regular routine of moisturising it. No I haven’t started that yet and I know I should. Just because I didn’t get any stretch marks last time doesn’t mean that I won’t this time…although I am a believer that it is down to genetics for the main part. However, they say prevention is better than cure after all, so worth a try, if nothing else to stop me scratching. Besides the itching my tummy is starting to move lots more now and it’s the bit I loved best last time, apart from the occasional boot that stops me in my tracks. I know he is growing fast and will soon be running out of room to freely kick around.

The itchy bump

I am posting my diary entry early as I won’t get chance to do it tomorrow as sadly we are attending my Auntie’s funeral in Manchester. She was taken far too early by cancer and was one of my first blog readers :-). She loved reading it and often wondered how I found the time to juggle motherhood, work and writing this blog. Right now I am wondering too and from the new year I will most definitely put more effort into it. So this post is dedicated to my Aunty.