Bump Diary: 23 weeks

I have left it two weeks since my last entry, I’ve slipped already and I knew I would. There have been a couple of reasons being that I have been quite busy and that I felt there wasn’t much to report last week. So two weeks on from last time and I am feeling quite well in the pregnancy and it’s moving along quite quickly. I will be six months next week and I can’t quite believe it.

Beastie has had a cold and a few poorly days and with having him in such close proximity to me when we are at home, I have been feeling a little run down as well. He has a cough and I have a cough and so on…It so easy to catch bugs when you are pregnant but near impossible to avoid them so you just have to carry on like a trooper. I am also noticing that my tummy muscles can be easily pulled and especially when coughing I need to take extra care, never mind the pelvic floor muscles! I took a swig of water on the motorway last week and it went down the wrong way, I was coughing and spluttering and didn’t prepare my tummy muscles for the sudden onset of spluttering. My tummy killed and let this be a lesson to you all, think carefully before you drink on the motorway, it could have been very dangerous! as well as damaging to my ligaments, ouch.

I still feel my bump looks very neat and depending on what I choose to wear, my size can look very different. I am sure that I will be sprouting more and more in the next few weeks so I will make the most of it being compact at the moment. I am starting to get nerve pain in my left hip and leg again like I did in my first pregnancy, so there’s an indication that the baby is causing trouble already. Every now and then I will walk or turn and my leg will really twinge, I am hopefully that it doesn’t develop into full blown sciatica. I like walking quickly as I have long legs so I need to stop myself from striding everywhere so quickly as it’s only going to end in problems.

I made my first purchase last week for the baby and was quite excited about that. To think that this time first time round we had already bought a lot of items in preparation for Beastie. I was so prepared my hospital bag was packed from 30 weeks! I kept dipping in and out of it all the time just to double check I had everything I needed but it was ready none the less. We only have a few main items that we need to buy like a crib, a new monitor (as we feel the one we have isn’t reliable enough anymore) and some new items of clothing. The list was endless last time and I remember feeling so overwhelmed and wondered how on earth people managed to be prepared in time. We will start to buy some bits in the new year but for now it’s nice to be able to relax a bit more and concentrate on Christmas and getting all my presents sorted. It’s still November and I have quite a few presents sorted out already, I am determined not to be involved in the madness that is December Christmas shopping!

One last thing, I have just ordered my outfit for the Tots 100 Christmas Party and I hope it fits and looks good, fingers crossed 🙂