Bump Diary: 27 weeks

When I came to write this post I had a moment where I got slightly confused over how many weeks pregnant I was. Now anybody that has ever been pregnant or knows anyone pregnant will know that a pregnant woman always knows the number of weeks she is. I usually fire it off immediately when asked so with Christmas wedged in and a blur of days thrown into the mix I have figured that is my excuse. I know that now I am nearly in the third trimester that I won’t make that mistake again. The last few weeks will be of high importance and I will be aware of every week until my due date.

I have been feeling pretty well on the whole but have just this last week started to notice that certain tasks are becoming a little cumbersome. You know every day tasks such as putting your socks on and then pulling your boots on and getting in and out of the car. Those little things your take for granted when you haven’t got an obstruction in the way start to become a real chore and are usually accompanied by lots of grunting and sighing. Just for the effect and making a noise always seems to help. It’s a bit like moaning when you are poorly, it’s highly irritating to everyone else but it always seems to help.

I am back to work tomorrow after having five days off with my little family. We haven’t had to travel anywhere which has been lovely this  year. We almost went to spend Christmas with my parents in Spain, like we did last year, but couldn’t arrange it due to lack of annual leave at the time. This was pre pregnancy and looking back I am rather glad that we didn’t go ahead and book as a trip to the airport would not have been on my wish list. Memories of last Christmas at the airport have scarred me for a while. I am hoping come next summer that Beastie will be a lot more reasonable, especially as there will be four of us and not three. Luckily work should be fairly quiet as it’s in between Christmas and New Year and it will be lovely for my husband to spend a few days with Beastie, just doing their own thing. I always love to hear what they have been up to in my absence and I look forward to seeing them even more when I get home.

Before Christmas I contacted my midwife to book my 28 week check up and unfortunately I haven’t heard back from her yet so I am hoping that she will be in touch soon. Besides having my MATB1 form signed by her, I haven’t seen my midwife since the 16 week mark. I think 12 weeks is an awful long time to wait between appointments. I have been a lot more relaxed with this pregnancy seeing as it is not my first but it still astounds me how you are left to your own devices much more after your first baby. I haven’t once been measured, so no one has been monitoring whether I am measuring correctly for my dates or where my baby is positioned (although I have found midwives to never be particularly accurate with this). All I have is my instincts that all is ok. I don’t have too much to grumble about and my baby is booting just like he should be and I know after all that my body is designed to do what it needs for the baby. Having said all that it does slightly worry me that some mother’s may be being overlooked with their ante natal care.

So for now I am patiently awaiting to hear from my midwife and not so patiently waiting for a letter through the post regarding my consultant appointment. It should be anytime now and I would really like to know more about my options with the delivery. I am not sure who my consultant is (as I know of most of them) and it is making me slightly anxious as to who will be leading my care. Oh well time will tell and I shall update my diary when I know…