Back to pre school

Today was the first day of term at Beastie’s pre school. The school holidays have been a long few weeks and I think we were both more than ready for his return. Not that Beastie knew it this morning, as just as I predicted he was a little anxious about going back.

A couple of days before the end of the summer term proved to be a turning point for him as I mentioned in a previous post about his newfound separation anxiety. The confident little boy I knew well suddenly decided pre school was a horrible place and he didn’t appreciate me leaving him there. I naively thought that a good long break during the summer would do him good and that he would once again enjoy going.

His anxiety continued to worsen during the summer months and he would cry whenever I left him with anyone other than my husband and I. As expected he started to make a fuss when we arrived, after an unusually silent car journey, so I made a fairly swift exit. I played at little with him but I knew it wouldn’t have made much difference how long I stayed as he would have still wanted me to stay. Shortly afterwards one of the assistants rang to say he had settled with little fuss and was busy having fun. A huge relief.

I have seen many photos and posts this week featuring kids all ready for their very first day at big school and also varying photo’s of kids through the years. So although it’s not his first day as such and it is only pre school, I did want a nice picture of him.

Here he is post pre school looking very chuffed with himself. He told me all the way home that he liked it there and that he had had lots of fun. After telling him all summer that he would enjoy going back, it seems he had regained some faith in what his Mummy has told him all along. Let’s hope he is coming out the other side of this funny phase into the super confident boy I know and love.

When we returned home he then spent some quality time with his little brother, fighting over the LeapPad. A sign of things to come…