My handbag wishlist

I love handbags and always have. My obsession with handbags is probably similar to most women who love shoes. Ok they probably rather like handbags too but I just don’t get the whole shoe thing. I have some lovely shoes, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t get terribly excited when it comes to buying them as all the pretty ones have heels which I really don’t enjoy wearing. I usually end up feeling like a big gangly fool and hate towering over people. Anyway moving on, for all shoe lovers this post alas is not about shoes, it’s all about bags and the quest for the perfect handbag.

The majority of my handbags were actually bought in House of Fraser. I love their selection there and their alluring displays always call out to me when I pass them – rather too frequently. So here are a few of the bags in my dream world on my wishlist (bar one) from House of Fraser. I could have spent hours looking through them all. In fact I could have filled this post with far too many bags but then I would have run the risk of boring the pants off everyone, so I have reined myself in.

Of course at the moment I have a 6 month old baby so I still very much need a bag that fulfils it’s duties to carry everything but the kitchen sink but there are ways around constantly lugging one about. Usually when I pop out for 10 minutes alone but it’s not going to be forever and I am learning to be more minimal *ahem*.

So for now, I give you my top picks at the moment, in no particular order…

Perfect to go with anything pretty much. I have always preferred bags that are brown or tan in colour simply as they go with so many outfits. This bag looks hardwearing and the leather will look even nicer with wear. I could certainly see myself having a long relationship with this trusty bag.

This is where I start getting carried away with myself. This bag ticks all the right boxes with shade and style and would no doubt last for years, as it rightly should with it’s designer price tag. This would be my special occasion bag and I would guard it with my life.

I was particularly taken with the pattern and motives on this satchel. Very cute and anything adorned with polka dots gets the thumbs up from me. I haven’t seen how big it actually is but I expect it would double up nicely as a changing bag with the handy compartments at the front. The long strap will also easily fit over your shoulder or over the handlebars of a buggy. This could potentially rival my current favourite changing bag.

This bag, I do actually own myself. At the time I bought it I had been on the look out for a tan coloured bag for quite some time. I saw this and bought it immediately. I’ve had a few Linea bags as they tend to produce styles that I like and that are also affordable. This bag actually opens up really wide and there are a couple of poppers at the bottom to deepen it. It’s fantastic for holding all your essentials even if items tend to get lost in the ‘Mary Poppins’ expanse of it. It hasn’t had an airing for a while so it’s reminded me to dig it out of the wardrobe.

If I step out with a coloured bag, it’s usually a bright colour like red or pink. This bag is a no frills bag but it’s ideal for accessorising your outfit. I would say that this bag is particularly good for when you’re mainly wearing black or with summery outfits.

This is like my ‘wildcard’ bag as it’s a very bold kind of bag. I like all the styles in the Lulu Guinness range and it was hard to choose between them. This is one of those bags that people will look at whether they like it or not. It certainly makes a statement. I don’t need an excuse to wear black but with this bag I certainly would.

So there they all are my bags of the moment. Thankfully Christmas isn’t that far away now…

Featured post: All opinions and choice of bags are entirely my own