My week that was…

by Hannah

This will be my first week joining with this brand spanking new linky cleverly thought up by Katie from Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three. It’s a great way to document what has happened in your week and even better to look back on a reflect at a later stage. We all remember the big things but not the little things that fill our day to day lives.

Now I have to think back to the week that has just gone by, hmmm, always a bit challenging at the moment with a brain like a sieve…

On Monday I went and did my usual shopping trip to the supermarket to load up on all the usual essentials and bought Beastie some new shoes. He has extremely wide feet so getting fitted shoes now has become more problematic and Clarks shoes just simply do NOT fit, so I bought him some lovely adidas trainers in a whopping size 10! He looks such a dude in them though and they fit perfectly. I also grabbed some reward charts for Beastie that I had been on the look out for, a bargain at £1.99. In the afternoon my friend came over for a chin wag and a cuppa and it was lovely catching up on all the latest news and her wedding plans.


New shoes...

On Tuesday I went to work and received a staggering amount of comments that went like this ‘when did that happen?’. Regarding my bump? quite a while ago now! So it would become apparent that it is glaringly obvious that I am pregnant now, I should hope so at 30 weeks. I bumped into a couple of fellow pregnant colleagues and had a catch up on what was happening in our pregnancies and as a result it took me a while to get back to my work place as I met them both on the way back, oops.

On Wednesday Beastie and I had a chilled day. I blogged a bit and we played and then we ventured over the road to the shops. There a lovely floor lamp caught my eye in the sale and I just had to buy it (have been after one for a while). Unfortunately after walking down there the logistics of walking back with the lamp and a toddler didn’t work out so I had to grab the car over the road, handy eh?


Floor lamp

On Thursday it was back to work and time for our ultrasound appointment. I had measured quite small almost a couple of weeks ago with my midwife so she arranged for a scan just to check whether the baby is in fact doing ok. Luckily he is on track although not as big as Beastie was at this point. It was the reassurance we needed 🙂

On Friday I woke up feeling terrible and full of cold and decided not to go into work so it was a day indoors, with a brief walk. Not deterred by my cold I decided that if we were to be staying in that we may as well tackle potty training head on. We went through a fair few pairs of underpants but we managed a couple of wee’s. The stars for the reward chart are an absolute hit!


Reward charts

On Saturday my husband worked until mid afternoon so I had a good clean up and sort out around the flat. Uneventful day that ended with takeaway pizza…

On Sunday we all went out on the hunt for a single bed for Beastie. We have decided that seeing as he has never taken to his cot bed we may as well find the bed that he will be in for the next few years and get him more settled in this new bed before the baby arrives. On the way back I picked up this bedside lamp that matches the floor lamp, obsessed? I had to at such a great price.


Matching table lamp

The hunt for a bed proved pretty fruitless and we ended up looking online but we think we have found what we want for him. Who knew single mattresses were so expensive? We have found him the equivalent to our mattress but at a brilliant price and a we will buy him a basic bedstead. It’s looking likely in a few years we will need to invest in bunk beds anyway. We also took out Beastie’s carry potty just in case he felt like using it but we didn’t need to as he stayed dry the whole time, fingers crossed for a good week ahead potty training…


Grabbing the potty


Take a look over on Katie’s blog at everyone else’s posts…




Katie @mummydaddyme 16th January 2012 - 8:12 pm

I honestly do love reading about everyones weeks- its like prying at its best! You do seem to have a little obsession with these lamps, but I do agree they are very nice! I love Beasties trainers, they are very cool, and I also like the idea of doing reward charts- although I have no idea I think that is the kind of parenting style I will have. I hope the potty training goes well next week and I will look forward to hearing some success stories in next weeks linky!
P.S I didn’t know you had an ultrasound- I am glad it is all going well and Beastie Boy is growing on track!

Thanks for linking up my oldest bloggy friend 🙂 xx

Mummybeastie 16th January 2012 - 8:50 pm

Worry not the obsession stops at 2 lamps! lucky we only have a few rooms…

I never thought we would opt for reward charts, simply believing that Beastie wouldn’t be interested but they really are a great tool to use. You get to a point where anything is worth a try but children are quite easily persuaded and it doesn’t always have to be chocolate or sweets.

Long may the linky last 🙂 no worries at all xx

Multiple Mummy 17th January 2012 - 10:17 am

A great week with a lot of shopping! Loving the new shoes but wow size 10! Noah is not an 8 yet!

Reward charts are great. We have just started a treasure box reward system and I am hoping it is going to work. I think it still need refining! x

would like to be a yummy mummy 17th January 2012 - 10:59 am

Looks like a great week and I will have to join in with this. I must admit though baby brain might be a little problem! xx

Emma @mummymummymum 30th January 2012 - 12:55 pm

Sounds like a great week. I LOVE your lamps!!


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