Upcyling a nest of tables using Pinty Plus chalk spray paint

The lounge update project continues and this time I focused on a nest of tables that we inherited.  They were dark wood with some sort of veneer finish and not in terribly good condition. Working with Pinty Plus again, I decided to choose some chalk spray paint to bring them up to date.

My original plan for them, was to sand down the tops to reveal the natural wood and then paint the legs to match our colour scheme in the lounge. I chose to use some Pinty Plus chalk spray paint in white, yellow and grey which I thought would compliment the wood well.

First of all I decided to start sanding the top of the small table, to see what I was dealing with. Not surprisingly, veneer is tough to sand through and after a fair bit of elbow grease, I did eventually manage to get to the original wood underneath. It looked promising, with lovely lines in the wood.  So I moved onto the next size up and it wasn’t until I was half way through sanding that I realised the wood was a mixture of cuts, including what looked like fibreboard.

It was such a shame to discover that the wood wasn’t solid and especially so after spending quite a bit of time sanding them! I had really loved the idea of having them part wood and part painted but it obviously wasn’t meant to be. On the plus side, it did save me an awful lot of grief with not having to sand the larger table.

After discovering this, I simply set to work with prming the tables ready for painting. The spray paint creates a very even effect and is a lot quicker to work with than painting with a paint brush alone. You just have to get the distance right and not be too over zealous with spraying.

We never used to have any table by the sofa, so I had always earmarked the tables to be by the side of it. We were forever reaching across to the footstool that we put a tray on, but it was all too easy to kick over! So it’s nice to have a designated corner to place some flowers or a plant and have a place to put a book and a drink.

Not only does a nest of tables look good but they’re also incredibly useful. One can remain stationary while the other two can be moved around the room or to the other end of the sofa. Having said that though, seeing as these are newly painted, I don’t think they’ll be moved around anytime soon…

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Nb.  A collaborative post with Pinty Plus.