Grey and yellow lounge inspiration

Since we moved, I’ve been whole heartedly throwing myself into getting our place the way that we want it. Most of the rooms are a blank canvas, so it’s fairly easy to incorporate our chosen colour schemes. Sadly as we rent, we can’t change things exactly to our taste and we do unfortunately have to suck it up and embrace our mainly magnolia world!

Having said that, the chimney breast wall in the lounge was already painted a light brown shade and was perfectly fine as it was. However, we used to have the very same colour a few years ago in our flat and it just didn’t appeal to us anymore, nor would it go with the colour scheme we had in mind.

We have always liked the colours grey and yellow together and thought that moving would be the perfect opportunity to finally get things how we wanted, rather than just making do.  So I decided to ask our landlady if they wouldn’t mind us painting the brown wall a light shade of grey and luckily for us, she agreed to this. It didn’t take me long to get down to the shop and grab some paint to get going with the transformation.

So far we have achieved a grey wall, bought a massive clock that I have painted a vibrant yellow and a telephone table that I have recently upcycled with some grey spray paint. I’ve made a start and it’s starting to show signs of what it can look like when it’s finished but it’s still a way off.

I’ve been pinning like mad and trying to note down things that I see when I see them. Anyone keep seeing stuff they’d like and then because there are so many companies out there, you forget where you saw it? Even when the ads pop up at the side of my screen on my laptop because I’ve been searching for products, I still manage to lose track.

It feels like this is a bit of a fantasy wish list at the moment but here are some of my top picks for creating our grey and yellow haven. I keep seeing things all the time (naturally) but here are some key pieces that I’d love to incorporate…

Rug – Westelm | Pisa Ladder Shelf – Loaf | Sloan rug – The Rug Seller | Yellow embroidered cushion – Sainsburys | Geometric cushion – Stoneware vase| – Maisons du monde Wrought iron planter – Maisons du monde | Grey knitted throw – Sainsburys | Hello cushion – Next | Thimble stool – Loaf | Pom pom cushion – TK Maxx | Yellow cushion – Maisons du monde | Mostera deliciosa (Swiss Cheese plant) – Waitrose | Yellow pear – Maisons du monde | Fortune knitted throw – The Range | Cocktail chair – Swoon Editions

I absolutely cannot wait to get a large rug to cover the cream carpet we have. A rug really brings a room together and just makes it feel ‘lived in’. It’s also handy for covering a carpeted area that you want to keep mark free.

I’ve been lusting after a yellow chair to create a little reading nook by the fireplace. After looking at so many types, this velvet one is definitely the most luxurious looking one. I do think that perhaps an armchair would be better but I do love this beauty.

We really need some shelving as we have nothing up on the walls. I actually really like the ladder style shelves you can get and particularly this grey one that has that industrial look. It’s also a great way of bringing in some shelving solutions without damaging the walls. I want to display some ornaments and I really love the bright yellow pear and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect. I’ve also seen a much bigger yellow pear too and I realise it’s kind of crazy to want ornamental fruit on a grand scale!

I have a terrible track record with keeping plants alive but I feel that some greenery would be welcome for a change. I’m loving swiss cheese plants at the moment and one would look great in a planter.

Our sofa isn’t that old but I fell out of love with it a while ago, with having it in storage and being moved around a couple of times, it’s not looking as glorious as it once did. Plus with three children taking up most of my time and also abusing the sofa, I have neglected to look after the leather on it in parts. It is however, still an extremely comfortable sofa and with a little bit of accessorising, I know it’ll look just fine. I want some yellow and grey cushions scattered with some lovely throws. To help cover some scuffed parts and also to add warmth when you sit on it. We bought a leather sofa because our last fabric one was trashed by our potty training son but I don’t think we’d buy another. They’re cold in the winter and you stick to them in the summer!

As you can see there are a few cushion choices and the list could go on and on. The need for cushions will forever remain a mystery to my husband, who sees that there is no need for ANY cushions. So I’ve ignored that little issue and when I can, I’ll order a whole heap of them.

When there is a little more of the room done, I will share some pictures and projects that I have in mind- hopefully sooner rather than later 🙂