An afternoon talking #TeenTalk with Gabby Logan and Boots

by Hannah

A few weeks ago I attended an afternoon tea hosted by Gabby Logan talking TeenTalk in collaboration with Boots. We were talking about how difficult the transition can be for both teenagers and their parents, during puberty. That all important talk that looms,

I found the discussions really interesting, as although my eldest child is still only 8, I can see glimmers already of what is looming. He may not be dealing with the challenges of puberty yet, but he’s already starting to become more independent, moody and tends to bottle things up.

I have a tween

I’d heard of the term ‘tween’ and I’ve since found out that kids aged between 8-14 can be considered as a tween. So he is indeed a tween! That’s pretty scary in itself.

It’s one of those topics where you don’t really know who is best to have the talk. When it comes to my boys, I feel that a lot of the discussions will probably be best being carried out with my husband, being that he’s a man!  Likewise with my daughter, there will be a lot that my husband won’t understand or relate to, so it’ll fall at my door.  I’m guessing that out of the two of us, she’ll be more likely to want to talk to me.  Of course, I could be wrong.

I realise that not all families have a male and female counterpart to deal with each sex and even if they do, it might not always be so straight forward. It’s one of those milestones in life that no one particularly enjoys embarking on, as it’s the great unknown. Your baby is now becoming a young person and that must take some getting your head around.

So any help with tackling the impending issues, is greatfully received. The statistics listed below show just how tricky parents find the whole topic.

The campaign

Celebrity mum Gabby Logan and her 12 year old daughter Lois, have joined forces with Boots and trusted brands including Always, Tampax and Venus for the second year of the #TeenTalk campaign, which provides parents with the tips and tools to have the #TeenTalk with confidence.

–          68% of parents find it difficult to approach puberty topics with their teen
–          A quarter of parents avoid the #TeenTalk altogether
–          1 in 5 parents are unsure about how to start the puberty conversation
–          33% of parents wish they could talk more openly with their teen

Puberty is a real rite of passage for both parents and teens, and parents can often feel as confused and unsure about how to approach this as teens.  Recent research from Boots and P&G reveals just how challenging this this life-stage can be:

33 of parents wish they could talk more openly with their teen
68% of parents find it difficult to approach puberty topics with their teen, so much so that a quarter avoid the #TeenTalk completely
1 in 5 parents are unsure about how to start the puberty conversation.

The #TeenTalk campaign aims to support parents as they navigate their teen through the exciting but often confusing time of puberty.  In its second year, the campaign is evolving by providing parents with the advice and support they are looking for and empowering them with the confidence to navigate the #TeenTalk. To do this P&G and Boots are teaming up with Gabby Logan, her daughter Lois and a panel of real parents and daughters who have all undergone the #TeenTalk experiment which involved having the teen talk every other day for a week.  They will share their experience on to help offer reassurance and support to other parents and teens who are navigating this new lifestyle together.

From the 10th May – 6th June, Boots will be giving away a free #TeenTalk guide with the purchase of any Venus, Always and Tampax products. As added value, and to help parents and teens trial the different products that might be right for them as they enter this new life stage together, Boots will be running great value promotions on P&G trusted products. As an added bonus, parents and teens will also receive a free gift for their teen daughter with each purchase.


#TeenTalk ambassador and mum of twins, Gabby Logan, explains, “As a mother of twin teens, I understand the challenges of communicating with teens all too well!  They suddenly go from wanting to tell parents everything, to one word answers.  But as every parent knows, you desperately want to give your children all the guidance, help and support they need and being able to communicate effectively with your teens is crucial to this. What I love about the #TeenTalk campaign is that is helps to give parents the confidence to start and maintain a strong, open and honest conversation with their child through puberty and beyond”.

Celine Hernandez Vincent from P&G adds, “While we all can recognise the awkwardness of the #Teentalk for parents and teens alike, our research shows that 76% of parents still want their teen to see them as the first port of call for help and advice.  With #TeenTalk we’ve partnered with Boots with the shared aim of reassuring parents everywhere by showing them ‘parents like me’ experience the same nervousness around having the #TeenTalk and help prove that having an open, ongoing informal dialogue will make navigating puberty a more positive experience for mums, dads and teens”.

In order to be able to engage in this open, ongoing and informal dialogue, parents need to be armed with the correct information to comfortably answer any questions their teen may have.  Hence, P&G and Boots have also compiled a free #TeenTalk Guide which consists of trusted information on topics like the ‘teenage brain’ and teen behaviours, filling mums, dads and teens in on what they can expect as they approach ‘the chat’. The guide includes helpful tips on grooming, personal care and body changes, to encourage parent and teen dialogue and, more importantly, keep the conversation going!  The #TeenTalk campaign has also teamed up with teen expert Sarah Newton for a second year to offer tips and advice to parents and teens. These are also exclusively available at Boots stores in the free #TeenTalk guide with the purchase of any Venus, Always and Tampax products from the 10th May – 8th June.  As an added bonus, parents and teens will also receive a free gift with each purchase.

If you want to see some more tips and advice on #TeenTalk and information about the products simply go to

Or you can download the handy booklet here which offers some tips and advice.

Nb. A collaborative post.


John Adams 11th May 2017 - 5:47 am

Ha ha, yes I relate to this. My eldest daughter is eight and I think “tween” is the correct phrase to use. While my wife does talk to Helen about puberty and periods etc, you may be interested to know much of it falls on my shoulders as I’m just a bit more open and unbothered about having these chats (although being the stay at home dad probably helps). Very informative post and sorry we didn’t get to chat at the round table. Hopefully we can next time.

Kate 12th May 2017 - 10:36 am

Ah, the dreaded teenager talks! My eldest is 14 and she’s gone from never leaving my side, to never leaving her room! I try and be as open as possible about everything, the less of a deal I make about things, the less they seem to worry about them, or at least I hope!

This is a great project!


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