Take the Stress Out of Travelling

Travelling is amazing. It broadens your horizons and lets you see the wonders of the world in all their glory. Although, if we’re being honest, the actual travel part of travelling can be a nightmare. Getting to the airport on time, being crammed in an aeroplane for hours on end and trying to pack everything you could conceivably need, can make the whole thing pretty stressful.

The good news is, there are things you can do to manage the stressful side of travelling so that your trips are far more enjoyable from start to finish…

Pack Smarter When Travelling

If packing is the most stressful part of any holiday for you, then you need to get smart about it. First of all, don’t leave it to the last minute – that’s a recipe for stress. Secondly, before you pack, sit down and write a list of everything you’ll need, so that you can work out the best way to place them in the case and so that you can tick everything off as you go along. Then try using the rolling up method of packing to ensure you have enough space for everything and you’ll be fine.

Hit the Airport Early

There’s nothing like a last-minute dash through the airport to get your stress levels up nice and high…so maybe don’t do that! Even getting up and out half an hour earlier than you normally would, will leave you with plenty of time to get to the airport, and get to where you need to be without a mad rush, that means you might even have time for a relaxing drink before boarding.

travellingCheck the Reviews and Get Recommendations

If you’re fed up of booking what looks like an amazing hotel or holiday apartment, only to turn up and find that it’s a building site, the cleanliness leaves a lot to be desired, or you’ve unwittingly booked into a party hotel when what you wanted was peace and quiet, you need to get serious about checking online reviews with a critical eye.

Even better, if you can get a personal recommendation from someone you trust, you’re far more likely to be happy with your accommodation than you are if you book blind.

Book Ahead

If you hate waiting around at the bar or restaurant or struggling to hail a taxi when you reach your destination, it’s time to start booking everything ahead of time. Whether you book a London Airport Taxi to be there when your flight touches down or you reserve a table at a restaurant before you even set foot in Spain or you go online and book tickets to The Louvre shortly after you book your flights to France, you will save so much time and stress by simply booking ahead.

Choose Direct Flights

If it’s possible for you to get a direct flight to your destination and you can afford to do so, do it. Yes, you might save a few pounds by getting a connecting flight, but is that saving worth having to rush between flights and potentially missing your connection? Probably not.

Time to stop stressing…

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