Four Ways You Can Help Jet Lag

Anyone who has travelled to a different time zone is probably familiar with the confusion known as jet lag. This is where you’re body clock is so familiar with your usual routine and time zone that when you travel to somewhere that can somewhat different time of the day it can wreak havoc with your sleep and normal routine. Body clocks don’t tend to reset easily so when travelling for a holiday this can cause major problems. You’ve always done things on a twenty-four-hour cycle so when your travel plans mess with this you will find that your body won’t sleep in line with the right time, will want fuel when everywhere is closed and will tell you you need sleep when you’ve planned a fun day activity. 

A lot of people presume that their first day of any trip will be ruined by jetlag. However, you shouldn’t fear the worst. It’s possible and there are many people who can prove that it’s still possible to make the most of your first day and not waste any time. You’re never going to avoid jet lag, but it is possible to minimise the symptoms. 

Have a look below at some the ways you can help and plan for jet lag: 

Head Off Well Rested

Flying around the world can be stressful at times. If you leave after a sleepless night or are still packing last minute then there’s a good chance that you’re not going to be healthy and well prepared for the first part of your trip. It can lead to having a ‘trip-cold’ and jet lag if you don’t get enough sleep the night before travel. A great way to help with this is to act as if you have already travelled as few days prior to your trip, try to get yourself in a slightly adapted sleep routine and ensure that you get the recommended amount of sleep before you travel. Pack in advance and allow yourself the time to get some rest before you leave. This way you’re physically and mentally prepared for travel. This way you will fly well-rested and be ready for all the excitement of your journey. 

Make Use Of The Flight 

You should try to use the flight as a way to rest and reset. The onboard entertainment are good but a nap is better. If you get a nap onboard your flight, you’ll be more functional the day you land. This will enable you to reset your mind as well as your clock. It’s not going to keep the jet lag completely at bay but it will definitely help! Start getting yourself in the frame of mind for your destinations time zone, set your watch as soon as your on your flight and start thinking about that as the ‘true’ time and follow your normal routine as if you are in that zone. So if you board your flight at 6 pm your local time but it’s 11 pm in your destination try to get as much sleep as you can during your flight. 

Have A Look At Jet Lag Cures 

Now there is no proven way of curing jet lag but there are a lot of options out there that people have tried and tested, that they swear by. Although sleep aids aren’t usually something that are recommended unless medically needed, people say that using natural calming tablets or smells help them to relax and get some sleep on the plane or to fall asleep when they’re supposed when they arrive. Something that is really common when suffering from jet lag is tired and dry eyes, Viscotears eye gel should be able to help. 

Stay Awake Until Bedtime

Even if you have now been awake for longer than you should, you should aim to not go to sleep until the local bedtime. If you fall asleep mid-afternoon and then wake up at mid-night you aren’t doing yourself any favours and will end up having your jetlag last longer than it needs to. Think about planning a nice walk in the early evening or plan a few easy-going activities for your first day. Jet lag hates daylight, exercise and fresh air so anything that involves this is going to help you to fight it. Even though your body may be begging you for sleep and you may feel like your bed is calling you, but try to resist. You need to force your body to transition to the local time and the best way to do this is to go to bed at a normal time. 

Nb. Collaborative post.