Taking some time out in the Peak District featuring Lighthouse

I’m sure many of you know that we recently took a much needed trip away as a couple to celebrate our ten year anniversary.

We stayed in a beautiful lodge nestled within woodland in the Peak District and for the first time, in a very long while, we were free to just explore the area at our leisure.

My husband was filming while we were there and it was a good opportunity for me to be able to sling my camera around my neck and get some shots. I’m always so laden down with bags and tending to the kids normally to even bother taking my camera out – so it made a nice change and reminded me of how much I love my camera.

We left for our holiday in the midst of the hot weather spell in July and we were hopeful that it would stay nice enough to visit the places we had in mind, but you just never know with the good old British weather.

Annabelle Dress – Soft Denim

As luck would have it though, we weren’t able to do as much as we would have liked due to our car breaking down on the first day – we have all the luck! However, we did manage to enjoy our immediate surroundings and of course it always helps when you have a hot tub to hand.

Multistripe breton top

When you’re not used to peace and quiet anymore, it can be harder to relax than you think.  However, I never need an excuse to read a book and sitting out on the decking with the peaceful nature all around me, was blissful.

Alex is the one that struggles to relax and this break was really what it was all about. Finding some time for us but also in an attempt to get him to slow down a little – he never stops thinking and planning and it’s difficult to get yourself out of that mindset when it’s become such a habit.

Crew Neck Sweater – Deep Blue Marl

We ventured out to a local beauty spot on our actual anniversary and I even managed to do some climbing in sandals – not my best idea, I must admit.  The weather was a scorcher though and the scenery was simply picture perfect. There is always a silver lining to every cloud…

We also had plenty of woodland walks and went driving around the area (when the car was fixed).

Rose Pink Bowline Jacket

Annabelle Dress – Midnight Dot

It’s rare but I even managed to make Alex the subject of some of the photos on this trip. He’s so used to being behind the camera, that he often forgets that he needs to feature from time to time!

Pier Polo Shirt – Olive Green

Now we’ve had our first proper trip away that lasted longer than one night, we’d definitely like to make this more of a regular thing. I only wonder why it’s taken us so long to actually get around to this one. Making time out for us is always a good thing.

Nb. Collaborative post with Lighthouse.