Websites I couldn’t live without


I have been tagged by Helen from The Crazy Kitchen (who is trying to keep my on my toes!) for this meme started by Emma at Mummy Musings. It’s about the websites that we can’t live without.

These are my top sites that I visit on a daily basis:


This is always the first page that I open, always. I have the usual morning influx of mail from places I am subscribed to and every morning I remind myself to unsubscribe to lots of them, which I never do. My hotmail will stay open all day and when I am at home I will be emailing my husband.


Is always next in line. To see what everyone is up to and reply to any messages I may have received. This mainly stays open too…

Mummy and the Beastie

My blog will always get a look in at some point, although I don’t keep up with my blogging as I would like to.

Daily Mail

I more often that not check the App on my phone but I always get my daily fix of the news, be it general or celebrity. I don’t like watching the News on tv that much so I keep up to date this way…


This is still here by the skin of it’s teeth. Just by habit actually. On the computer it is usually my blog Facebook account that is logged in. I check my personal Facebook on my phone and then when I do check I am never sure why as it’s always a waste of my time. Usually though it is to waste some time that I look at all! I can’t be bothered with updating my own profile anymore and having everyone nosey at my life. I just nosey at theirs instead! I am at the point of possibly deleting my account but then the nosey factor, hmmm.

All my favourites blogs

I have all these saved as my favourites and can see them all like a snapshot on the screen. This is to make my life easier and the aim is for me to not forget and actually visit them! This doesn’t always happen though and I need to update it to include more. I really should utilise google reader more or something similar. Like normal people do.

So I am now going to tag these lovely ladies…