On not going to BritMums Live!

I have known about BritMums Live! happening for quite a while and I knew from when the tickets went on sale that I wouldn’t be able to make it. By then I knew that Baby Beastie was on the way and I that I wouldn’t want to leave him for the two day event. I could have taken him during the day but then I knew that I would want to stay on for the evening shenanigans and no one wants to leave a party early. So I figured it would be best to bow out and look on from afar.

I have seen many tweets building up to the event this week and all the excited/anxious tweets from people en route there today. I remember how I was feeling last year when I attended the Cybermummy conference in London, I was excited, nervous and dare I say it ever so slightly smug that I had a ticket and was going to be part of it all. Having only started blogging a few months earlier, I knew then that I had found something that I loved doing in my spare time (for which I don’t have any of anymore) and didn’t want to miss the event. It was a great opportunity to put faces to names and actually meet the friends that I had spent so much of my time chatting to over blogs and on twitter. Add a fantastic venue, pampering sessions, food and drink, inspirational speakers, workshops and goody bags and you are guaranteed a fantastic day out. Not only that but it’s a day out with the girls with no children hanging off your legs and the day ends with wine (or beer I believe this time) which is always good.

For those that would have liked to have gone but for some reason or another can’t make it there is the #notgoingtobritmumslive hashtag on twitter. A place where all us unfortunates can congregate and have a twitter party of our very own in the comfort of our own homes. The plus side of this of course is that we are all dry indoors and we don’t have to debate whether or not we should venture out in sandals or tackle the London Underground. I will be following what is happening there on twitter and through my eyes and ears that are my friends attending *hoping that they don’t forget to fill me in on the gossip during the day*. I found it quite a challenge to mingle and tweet last year and hold my hat off to the pro’s that manage it effortlessly whilst others end up looking rude and distracted (like me).

Today instead I am looking after my boys. One who has just woken up from his afternoon nap after shouting out ‘can I get up now Mummy?’ *hmmm* and the other has fallen asleep across my lap after endless fussing. This post very nearly wasn’t written due to these demanding little people but do you know what? I wouldn’t change my day for the world as right now this is the place that I need to be. After all there is always next year…