Bump Diary: 21 weeks

A week has flown by since the 20 week scan and we are now so excited to be expecting another little boy to our family unit. We have our heart set on a name and now we can’t imagine him being called anything else. The name sounds nothing at all like this but when we ask Beastie to repeat the baby’s name he comes back with ‘pirate’. It is very random and there is no similarity whatsoever but it makes us laugh every time.

Yesterday I got my MATB1 form filled out by my midwife when at work, so all my relevant documents for Occupational Maternity pay are in the post to Human Resources. Now I feel a bit more organised and that the wheels are more in motion so to speak! and is one less thing for me to forget. It’s much different this time seeing as we have lots of items from when we had Beastie, coupled with the fact we are having another boy, there isn’t so much to prepare for this time. We had out planning down to a tee last time and I know at this stage we had accumulated a fair few bits, so it’s actually nice not to have the added pressure this time and of course it’s not all new to me as it was with my first pregnancy.

I have been feeling lots more movements and the baby has been having a good go at booting me, although it’s still too soon for my husband to feel anything but I know that will come in time. Beastie is understanding more and more each day and now regularly points at my tummy referring to the baby. He still places a gentle hand on my tummy and will kiss it occasionally, just adorable. I say he is understanding more and more, which he is, apart from the fact he thinks that there may be a baby in his tummy too, especially when he sticks it out. I think the penny will finally drop much when I get much larger!

Last Friday I went to visit the lovely Donna from Not Yet a Yummy Mummy to meet her new arrival. Her sister Karen from Would Like to be a Yummy Mummy was also visiting for the weekend all the way from Devon. I actually pipped Karen to the post and got to clap eyes on her gorgeous nephew before her, sorry Karen! both of them indulged me though by letting me have lots of cuddles with the beautiful newborn, Thomas. Beastie had a whale of a time running around with William and despite a couple of not wanting to share moments, they were both pretty good together. It gave us all chance to have a bit of a natter with a nice cup of tea and a cookie. Having only met Donna a handful of times previously it was noticeable with how different she looked this time since having Thomas. I have always seen Donna as bubbly but I could see that her constant nausea during her pregnancy was quite tough for her to deal with and that sometimes she was putting on a brave face. So it was great to see her looking invigorated since giving birth and back to what I believe is her normal self! We also realised that we have Westfield Shopping Centre half way between us, so with just 20 minutes travelling each we can meet up to go shopping 🙂

Donna looking radiant with William
Karen getting her cuddles in
Thomas and I