Washing galore

I don’t know about you but I feel like sometimes my life (at home) revolves around washing clothes. There seems to be an endless production line with the washing of clothes. Collecting the washing from the laundry basket, washing the clothes in the machine, hanging them out, putting them away and so the cycle starts all over again. Sometimes I crave for someone else to do it for me, like when you have clothes that need dry cleaning.  When you add children into the equation you really know that you will be spending a great deal of time with your dutiful washing machine. Okay, their clothes are small being that they’re only little people but the volume more than makes up for that.

Last week our washing machine broke down, almost two years to the date it bit the dust last time. Luckily we had it fixed within a few days but chaos could have easily ensued had we not been able to use my in laws washing machine. In fact the only bonus to the crisis was that I had a few days off washing duties. What I did notice despite the sheer inconvenience of not having anywhere to wash our clothes (except manually of course) was the fact I usually like to whip the boys clothes in the wash straight away if they have any spillages and accidents on their clothes. Chocolate, weetabix, tomato sauce/soup, exploding poo’s…you get the gist. Without a machine you worry that things will have stains on them for good.

So although I usually like to put stained clothes in the wash as soon as I can, it’s not always possible and this is when stain removers really do their job. Bibs really do get lots of food thrown down them and generally don’t last very long and I hate my boys having to wear grubby looking bibs, especially when we go out anywhere. This has helped save me a few pennies to avoid having to buy some new ones next time I go shopping…

Nb. Collaborative post.