Mindful Chef leading to a Mindful diet | Review

I’ve tried a few companies that provide a recipe box delivery service and I’ve had differing experiences with all of them. What I do love about them though, is the way that ingredients are provided in the exact amounts that you need them to complete a recipe. So there is no waste and when it comes to ingredients that are a little more obscure or used infrequently, it’s really handy to have it provided without having to shell out for it at the shops – when you might never use it again.

I was recently asked if I would like to try out Mindful Chef who deliver healthy food boxes and recipes to your door. We’ve all heard of these delivery services, they’re everywhere, however this service is based on a mindful diet and they are the official nutrition partner to the English Institute of Sport – think food made for athletes!

We received a box that included a meat recipe and a vegetarian option. The recipe cards comprised of Indonesian chicken skewers with peanut sauce and Veggie lasagne with aubergine and pesto, all of which came with the ingredients provided to feed 2 people per meal.

The items arrive in a box that uses environmentally friendly insulation from recycled cotton offcuts. Perishables will remain at fridge temperature for up to 36 hours too – which is great if you’re not going to around when your delivery is made.

There are 12 new recipes designed every week and the menus are available to few 6 weeks in advance, so you have a huge choice of meals.

All the ingredients are packaged in a brown bag together, so all you need is the accompanying recipe card and your kitchen equipment.

The veggie lasagne was incredibly easy to make and relatively quick too. We love the idea of a pesto topping with balsamic vinegar and pinenuts. I would never have thought of adding pesto to lasagne but this combination works so well.

From just £4 per meal, the meals provide everything you need to make low-carb evening meals and are designed to help when watching your waistline. Not only are most of us short on time to go shopping but we’re also short on time to plan and feel inspired when it comes to tasty and nutritious food. Mindful Chef have so many well planned out meals – meaning that you don’t have to be working that out for yourself, meaning it’s one less thing to worry about.

It has helped me a great deal with dealing with daily stresses, especially at work.

Nb. We were kindly sent one box, containing two meals for two in return for this review. All views and opinions remain my own.