Christmas is creeping up…

It’s October and Christmas is being already been talked about.  The shops are fast filling up with all things festive and I am beginning to actually start to look forward to it. It will be even more special this year as we will be celebrating as a family of four.

Since I have become a Mum I am much more organised when it comes to planning ahead than I used to be. I have become somewhat of a planner these days and although my brain might have sieve like tendencies I do strive to be ahead of the game.

Last year we decided that our Christmas tree had to be binned. We had only had it for a few years but with each time it was assembled, disembled and stored away it became more and more thread bare. When we took it down last year we didn’t see the point in storing it away again as it was in such a sorry state and all of the finest decorations you could find wouldn’t have made it look any better.



I absolutely love real trees and they remind me so much of my childhood when we always had a real one. I remember waking up in the morning and walking into the lounge that was filled with the gorgeous aroma of pine trees. That is very much the smell of Christmas to me.

However, with children we felt that a real tree wouldn’t be a good idea due to the needles shedding all over the floor and the hassle of lugging it up to our flat. Now we have a baby that is crawling and grabbing everything in sight I can only imagine the carnage that would unfold. So it’s now time to shop for a new Christmas tree that will hopefully see us through a few more years yet. Last weekend we walked past some artificial trees and were pondering over what type we should get. Should it be one that looks as realistic as possible? one with fibre optic needles or one of the new more trendy pop up cone shaped ones? Decisions, decisions…Not to mention all the different type of colours to choose from.

I’ve noticed that now seems to be the time to grab a tree at a reduced price, so we really need to get one pretty soon and then that will be another check on my ‘to do’ list.