My post for Kerry x

Today I am joining in with a whole host of bloggers to show my support for Kerry. Liska over at New Mum Online has organised for bloggers to get together and post today in the hope that collaboratively we can help to heal Kerry. #Healing4Kerry is at 10 pm today.

To anybody reading this that isn’t aware, Kerry blogs at Multiple Mummy and tragically suffered a brain haemorrhage during the summer. She has had several setbacks in her recovery and she is continuing with all her strength in her rehabilitation. She has a wonderful devoted husband and three children who would dearly love her home for Christmas.

My personal story with Kerry started from my very first few days of blogging. I think we had launched our blogs within a few days of each other and through finding each other on Brit Mums, we quickly became friends. We both supported each other by always commenting on each others posts and we declared that we were each others first bloggy friend. My husband even did his first ever blog design for her and she was so thrilled with what he did for her and even after some changes to her blog the octopus header still remains. After Kerry won sponsorship to attend Cybermummy with Born Free, she egged me on to get my ticket to go and so the blogging journey really began.

Before I had chance to meet her at Cybermummy we attended our first event together. This was very exciting and it certainly didn’t disappoint. In fact we met up with Liska for the first time too and I remember instantly recognising Liska outside of the venue. At the event for Nivea we were treated to facials, face readings, allergy testing and champagne on tap. This is where I realised that Kerry drank her wine very slowly in a ladylike manner whilst I guzzled mine rather too quickly *classy me*.

She was just as I’d imagined her to be, pretty, warm and very friendly. I think it’s clear to see that Kerry always has a smile for everyone and has a real zest for life. She has that sunny disposition that brightens up the world and those around her.

Yet again we were able to meet up at the launch of the Vtech Innotab and this is where Kerry’s psychic abilities came into play. She had told me before that she was gifted and could most certainly sense things in people. Without me giving her an inkling she casually asked me if I was expecting as she could just tell. I was in fact 7 weeks pregnant. Of course my secret was safe with her and when my baby was born she very thoughtfully sent us a card, complete with a gift for Baby Beastie and also Beastie. I was so touched with her kindness and especially so with her thinking of Beastie too. She had bought him some gorgeous little colourful pegs for him to hang up his artwork as she had remembered a particular mouse picture he had drawn which I posted on my blog. What a lovely lady.

The last time we were able to meet up was at the Tots 100 Christmas Party in Butlins last year and although we didn’t get much opportunity to speak, it was, as ever a pleasure to see her again. Sadly though I didn’t get to meet her gorgeous children who of course are the reason for her blog.

I particularly liked this poem that Liska published on her blog a few days ago. This was written by Alice from My Life My Son My Way. I think it’s perfect and particularly poignant. Kerry and her family are never far from my thoughts and I look forward to the day that I hear  she will be returning home to her loved ones.