Pushchair dilemma

Now that Baby Beastie is 8 months old he’s getting to that stage where I might have to think about his current pushchair. At this point with Beastie I had already relegated our original pushchair to the loft, in favour of a more boot friendly stroller. My old pushchair was a travel system so it certainly served its purpose in the early months but second time around we knew it wouldn’t be so practical. It was a faff connecting the car seat to the chassis and it came with lots of separate clips to be attached individually. I had visions of my struggles ahead with a baby and a toddler this time. The wheels also had to be removed in order for it to fit into the boot so we knew that we really had to purchase a new one for ease of school runs etc. Bambino Direct Pushchairs was a great place for us to look at what we wanted for our new addition.

One great advantage of my new travel system is that I can push and steer it easily with one hand, whereas I couldn’t with the other one. I have no idea how I would have managed holding Beastie’s hand whilst pushing it too. I think it would have taken us a very long time to get anywhere. You know those days where your child is defiant and stands glued to the spot until you grab their hand? Yes, that has happened a lot lately and is almost certain to be on rainy days.

So although the new pushchair is easy to push and has a nice comfy stroller attachment it does make me wonder when we should perhaps change to a stroller. I do still like the fact that I can have him facing me and he is certainly happy with the set up at the moment, so I may just see how we get along. He’s already growing up too quickly and I suppose I shouldn’t be in any great hurry to speed things along…