Presents all wrapped up

I may have mentioned before but I have been extremely organised with getting presents this year. Tonight I placed all of the wrapped presents underneath our tree and I realised just how many I had collected in the last few months. They took me nearly two hours to wrap a couple of weeks ago so I knew then that the boys had certainly done well. I never imagined it would be such a mammoth mission wrapping them up and hiding them away. We have very little storage space as it, so I had to be resourceful.

As soon as I had some money put aside I started buying in gifts from around October time. I always like to thoroughly research what I intend to buy by checking reviews and then looking round for the best possible deal. With lots of the toys I took advantage of special deals that were being promoted at the time. Hence buying them very early.

With anything I buy I always try and remember to check to see if I can get a discount anywhere. Well it’s always worth a try isn’t it? Nowadays it’s more common to find a bargain at most times of the year and on the run up to Christmas, no more waiting for the January sales or disappointment in the new year when an item in substantially reduced.

You can get great discounts at Think of any shop and they pretty much have them all covered with some fantastic savings to be made. It’s definitely worth a look before you buy elsewhere as you never know what savings you might be able to make. I still have a couple more presents to find so I better get browsing as it’s not long at all until Christmas now…