Top 10 Annoyances of a Pregnant Woman

This list suddenly occurred to me like a light bulb switching on when I was at work last week. I was so compelled to share the points I am about to raise, I actually made a note of them. This is something I should normally take heed of and put it into everyday practice for shall we say, more pressing and important matters in life. I have bought an organiser, so that’s a start.

Feeling calm and relaxed on the weekend and with Beastie napping, I am annoyance free. So the points aren’t as grating as they once were. Until next week that is…

For now though these are the niggling, pressing matters in my life that need writing down for all to see (or maybe just me!).

So the list goes like this:

1. People commenting on the style of my hair. There is nothing worse than pointing out I have a new hairstyle (thanks for that) and then going quiet or muttering hmmmm. If you haven’t got a nice answer lined up then please do not point out the obvious, I really would rather you didn’t acknowledge it. I do in fact now have a fringe and saying I now look like I am 15, despite telling me it looks really nice, is not the best compliment to ever receive.

2. The open subject of my hair colour. I have always been asked what is the natural colour of my hair and I have never understood people’s perpetual curiosity on the matter, what does it matter to them. With my recent roots (now dealt with) I had the comment ‘What colour is your hair naturally?’ to which I didn’t even look up and just pointed at my roots and said ‘that!’.

3. Commenting on the fact I am expecting a boy instead of a girl with ‘Ahh, ok well that’s nice…’. I didn’t ask for your opinion and don’t make an issue out of something that isn’t an issue, thank you.

4. When heavily pregnant. ‘Oh look you’re waddling/stop waddling’. Do you think I voluntarily want to walk like a duck and put strain on my hips?

5. The endless discussion about the size of the bump (or public property). Ranging from you’re not very big to you’re going to have a big baby there! and look at the size of you already? You are definitely carrying a girl, you’re blooming…no in actual fact I am carrying a boy.

6. Body odour, strong/hideous perfume and smoke. I have had hysterics in a confined space over the great unwashed before.

7. Not being able to tend easily with the general tidying of nether regions and painting toenails. Or not at all in the final stages!

8. Not being able to drink tea in the copious amounts consumed pre pregnancy.

9. The old faithful. Why do you not want a surprise? after all the pain you go through to have a baby, a surprise is the best bit?  Sorry I am not taken on that one. Why do you not want to be prepared?!.

10. The endless opinions on name choices, whether you want to hear it or not. Now that one I won’t be divulging this time, so ha!


Nb. Points 1 and 2 are sadly not related to pregnancy, they are just simply annoying me at this point in time. They unfortunately will not stop at the end of this pregnancy.