Where do you blog?

I have been tagged by Helen from The Crazy Kitchen to reveal my Blogplatz – aka the place where I do most of my blogging.

Well here is the place that I do the majority of my blogging, the lounge. The computer table with an upright chair providing proper back support is the best place for me at the moment. I also like sitting at a table, when I can, as I feel less slovenly! It doesn’t look like there is a view but beyond the grotty houses in front is a lovely view of rolling hills. Grey, dismal, foggy days do not make for the best views. Does this outlook ever give me inspiration? I don’t think so to be honest!

It looks relatively tidy but the drawers would suggest otherwise and can we ever find anything in them?!

The rest of the lounge is behind me and this is the spot where you will most likely hear Beastie say ‘I want attention!’ whilst swivelling the chair around. He knows the best tricks…


For the times that I want to have a more slouchy perch then I will retire to the sofa with my laptop propped on my lap. Excuse the grubby screen, now where is that cloth?


So the question is Slattern or Saint?

I am now going to tag the following to do the same (sorry I haven’t checked who has been tagged so you may have more than one!):