The arrival of new babies

It seems to me that new babies always seem to arrive all at once. It can all be quiet and then all of a sudden you are surrounded by pregnant ladies who all seem to pop within weeks of each other. I remember people being pregnant before my second time around and wondering when it would be me again, then before I knew it I was expecting at the same time as them and it all kind of overlaps. The pregnancies seem to last an eternity when they happen to you but whizz by in a flash when it’s someone else.

I have two friends who gave birth in the same week recently and I have yet to see their newborns. They’re both not first born babies so I know that they pretty much have all the essentials, especially as they are second and third boys! I often see perfect little gifts when I am out and about and always think to myself that they will be ideal for a new baby, or someone’s birthday. However, I usually end up forgetting what I have seen or I no longer can find it when I want to buy it – sod’s law.

What I do think makes a lovely present is not how much is has cost but what thought has been put into it. The saying is true ‘it’s the thought that counts’. To see that someone has taken the time to think about what you might like is rather nice and it also makes a change to get something not run of the mill. My friend lovingly made some bunting for Baby Beastie and it was such a nice surprise. I had no idea she was planning on making it  and despite some issues with her sewing machine, she managed to finish it and post it up to me. I was really touched and it’s proudly draped on the bedroom wall now. Something a little different, unique and very much cherished by me.