The start of things to come?

My boys have almost three years between them to the date and during my pregnancy I often wondered what their relationship would be like. I wondered how Beastie would take to his new brother and of course I didn’t know what kind of personality Baby Beastie would have.

So at the moment they’re 3 and a half and 7 months and already the blame game has started. Admittedly it’s one sided at the moment until Baby Beastie can fully express himself but even with him still relatively small his presence is certainly known when it comes to ‘who dunnit?’. The other day he was ramming Beastie’s meal table with his walker and he knocked off a few toys from the top. Both my husband and I looked around to see what had happened and Beastie promptly waved his finger at Baby Beastie and proclaimed ‘It was him!’. We both just laughed as it was so funny to see and we both remembered all too well how siblings like to pin the blame on each other. Even more funny is that in Beastie’s eyes a 7 month old should most certainly take the rap.

We’re already at the stage where sharing is becoming a problem and Beastie is gradually having to learn to be more patient with his little brother. Baby Beastie is quite literally a baby on the loose at the moment and I simply cannot put him down without him scrabbling across the floor to find things he shouldn’t and he particularly loves attacking the bin?! Before I know it he’s descended on something that belongs to Beastie that is either not suitable for a baby or out of bounds, according to his brother.

I know over the years we are going to see many more disagreements between the pair but it really took me by surprise how quickly we seem to have got to that point. It’s now that their relationship together is really starting to take off now that Baby Beastie is more mobile and keen to interact. I can’t wait for all that is to come. I expect lots of tears, lots of tantrums but mainly lots of laughs.